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Giambra is Italian for "Evil"

27 Feb


I don’t care who you blame for this budget crisis-how can you not hate this guy. He simply looks like he is trying to con you into something. Whatever you think of him it’s clear-HE’S DONE! Not that I think the Democratic party is great or anything but something tells me that if the County Councilman was a Democrat he wouldn’t have layed so many people off and then take a vacation in Florida a la Jimmy Griffin.
Giambra’s attitude about the whole crisis has made things worse. How can he get defensive about his image while he lays off hundreds and single handedly damages the County? Instead of expressing sympathy-he seems to feel that he has been hurt the most this whole time.
To me, the Republican Party in Buffalo is dead and it will be for a long time (as if it was popular to begin with). I as well as many find it hard to believe that Giambra had to take the extremes he took to help out the County budget.
Just when you feel that things are starting to turn around with all the projects sprouting up in the area, this borderline-catastrophe happens. Some have been lucky to find new jobs without having to relocate, but many-like so many in the past-will have to leave the area.
Sometimes it seems as if the Buffalo area was just fated to enter an eternal downspiral.

Bills Week In Review

27 Feb

Bye-Bye Bledsoe
If you have been sleeping under a rock, I should inform you the Drew Bledsoe-once percieved as the savior of the franchise, was released last week and has since signed with the Dallas Cowboys to reunite with Bill Parcells. This is a lose-lose situation for both Buffalo and Dallas.
J.P. Losman is nowhere near ready to lead a team on the rise who almost made the playoffs last year. Unless J.P. makes a major improvement mentally, it would seem as if J.P. Dumont is more sutiable for the position. Dallas is a young team who needs to find out if their young quartebacks can do the job. Henson looked awful last year but so did his line. Bledsoe is just Testaverde but not quite eligible for senior discounts.

Henry Seeing Red
It looks like Travis Henry is on his way out of Buffalo (DUH!) and seems to be leaning towards Arizona because all he wants is to be with a winning team. Seemingly, Buffalo will get L.J. Shelton to add to the O-Line. To me, this is much better than taking a risk on a second round pick.

Major Losses
Apparently Jonas Jennings and Pat Williams will Not be re-signed despite decent cap space availible. In my mind the loss of Williams will be huge (no pun intended). Although Jennings was pretty decent, the addition of Shelton will make up for it.

Only In Buffalo!!

26 Feb


Just when you think your city’s sports life is down and out, here comes that lovable ex-convict with his legendary hair and enthusiasm for seemingly everything in life (Including George W. Bush) speaking great things about Buffalo and how it deserves the World Title Fight.
Don King has been trying to give Buffalo the grandest most stupendous most spectactular, amazing, epic, legendary, super-duper sporting event in the history of mankind. Even though his last attempt failed, it seems as if Buffalo has a very good chance the next time around.
Why Don wasn’t able to secure a deal to put the title fight here is not known entirely but knowing the way Buffalo works, I’m sure it had to do with the people in charge

With the strong possibility of Joe Mesi coming back to boxing, and his father making frequent appearances at my old neighborhood church (St. Josephs University Distrct! Holla back!!) it seems that maybe, just maybe, Don King could bring a national-even World attraction to our humble city. The only question is if Buffalo is ready to accept it or let such a grand opportunity slip just like they seemed to have done the last 50 years.

Author’s Note-Mr.Mesi’s appearances at my former local church have nothing to do with the furtherment of Boxing in BUffalo, I just wanted to give a shout-out.

The City That All Bands Avoid

26 Feb


I just don’t get it. When Masiello celebrated the ceremonial groundbreaking of the “Crossroads Arena” it just seemed obvious that it would be THE major project that would FINALLY be the catalyst for the growth of Buffalo. A state of the art facility at the end of Main Street, and metro acessible (and we all know how popular the Metro is) would make one think that it would be a huge success. Now, nine years after its opening, the HSBC Arena seems to just be a nice looking building that only exists for the purposes of the Sabres.
My rant is fuled by the list of events that are coming up @ the arena which consist of…

MAAC Men’s Basketball Tournament

WWE SmackDown! Presents Road to Wrestle Mania

Three Bandits Games

SABAH, The Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped, performs their 28th Annual Ice Show on Saturday, April 10th at 2:00 PM. “SABAH Skates The Top 40 Hits” features prerecorded introductions of each hit by famous disc jockey Casey Kasem, stunning costumes, and wonderful solos by SABAH Stars.

Now granted, this is not Concert season but as of now, the only artists that i would consider famous that are performing in Buffalo consist of Ani DiFranco (May 1st, Shea’s) and Big Bad VooDoo Daddy (May 27, Kleinhans).

Sure, famous performers have played at the HSBC but it seems all too common that any performer that is a hot commodity always goes to Toronto, and usually INSTEAD of Buffalo as opposed to playing in both. But even worse, bands such as Greenday choose ROCHESTER!!!!! over Buffalo. Why!?!??!
This is not the fault of the Arena or its people. As small as this may seem in the grand scheme of things, it is a symbol of how Buffalo is two things:
1. A city that continues to maintain a highly unflattering image accross the nation amongst young and old.
2. A city that fails to promote itself.

Something needs to happen. It’s not right that Rochester (much love) gets chosen over Buffalo despite the fact that we have so much more to offer. It will take a lot to get our negative image changed, and apparently, it will take the efforts of everone. One single project won’t change it, a lot of things are going to have to go our way. We’ve hit rock bottom and now we have no where to go but up. Hopefully, America will see that.

Jason, We Hardly Knew Ye

26 Feb


Last week, Jason Botterill retired from the game of hockey due to symptoms of post-concussion-syndrome. Botterill was know for…well…he was known by some people (mostly friends and family). As with Atlanta, Calgary and Dallas, Jason was a 4th line scrub for Buffalo who would only play when others were injured. With this said, Botterill was a BEAST AHL player, tearing it up in the scoring department-mostly due to the fact that speed is not necessary in the minor leagues.

His NHL career stats
5 goals and 14 points in 88 games!

His Sabres’ Stats
3 goals and 8 points in 19 games

meaning…he scored 60% of his NHL goals in the B-lo and averaged .5 points a game last season in Buffalo!

these are the kind of things that interest you when you are desperate for hockey


25 Feb


Jesus, people! Stop robbing my convenience store!! It’s so sad to see that my old community keeps having the same problems. I’m sad I don’t live there anymore and all but when all the little places in my part of town keep having petty thefts happening it kind of brings you down. It’s no east side and thats a good thing.

Two teenagers were arrested Wednesday night in the gunpoint robbery of the Wilson Farms store at 3426 Bailey Ave., police said.

Elisha R. Swain, 19, of Berkshire Street, and Krista F. Paladino, 17, of Norwalk Avenue, were charged with two counts of robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Northeast District police said the two entered the store at about 7:55 p.m., pointed a handgun at the clerk and stole about $350 from the cash drawer.

Officers Michael Maiola and Erin McCarthy later arrested them at their respective homes.


25 Feb


If Van Miller did play by play for the UB Hoops team, you would be hearing a lot of “Do You Believe It”‘s because Coach Witherspoon and his boys have been layin it down against the MAC lately as they approach the end of their regular season schedule. Beating Marshall last night in a one sided affair, it seems inevitable almost, that the Bulls (with an RPI of 41) will make the NCAA’s. Obviously UB has to finish off the regular season strong and avoid collapsing in the tournament. It is pretty amazing to see how this program came out of no where at the end of last year and has continued its success.
and just a few more UB atheltic thoughts/notes…
*UB’s football recruiting class was ranked 8th of all MAC teams which I guess isn’t bad for a program that is a national laughing stock. Pressure is on this year to get 3wins!!!
*Buffalo News’ Bucky Gleason pointed this out a couple weeks ago…with the NHL lockout it would reeeeeeally be nice if UB had div I hockey. But they don’t. The best hockey fix you can get in Buffalo now is watching little kids at the Pepsi Center…


25 Feb

Our boy Tony Masiello has a fourth term in his sights as election time nears (November baby!!!)
The Buffalo News had a report with the popularity of the mayor and the other candidates and Tony’s popularity.
With Mr.Brown leading the way with over 30%
who the hell is this guy?
And his popularity brings an interseting issue…could Buffalo actually get a Black Mayor? I doubt it. Even though the demographics have changed in the city I still can’t see many of the long established families in Buffalo with Italian, Irish, and Polish backgrounds warming up. James Pitts ruined his campaign by saying the “God wants me to win this election”.
But in general-why bother even paying attention to they Mayoral race in February? There is not much reason. Despite the polls, my money is on Masiello. Why? Because he has all the money.

NBA All Star Game

25 Feb

So now two years in a row, the City of Good Neighbors gets CRUCIAL representation in the NBA All Star Game festivities.
NBA Celebrity Game features all sorts of hollywood types wearing those fuckin orgasmic Buffalo Braves Jerseys. Paris Hilton had a herpes outbreak so she turned her Braves jersey into some ho-dress while her boy Nick Carter (whos brother is NOT GAY *ahem*) tears it up with Nelly and Cuttino Mobley.

but in 2005…
Brian McKnight gets celebrity game MVP
Goo Goo Dolls perform
now-i’m a big fan of goo and all but c’mon-don’t even try to tell me that they fit in with that audience. I would have liked to see A.I. and his homies rolling their eyes as they heard “give a little bit of your love to me!” And you gotta love how Johnny’s vocals got off key like a mofo @the end. And lets just say this. Johnny might be a Buffalonian from the Polish part of east side but he looks all hollywood. You wanna see a real Buffalonian? Robby Takac. The crucial beer gut and double chin just screams out Buffalonian!