25 Feb

Our boy Tony Masiello has a fourth term in his sights as election time nears (November baby!!!)
The Buffalo News had a report with the popularity of the mayor and the other candidates and Tony’s popularity.
With Mr.Brown leading the way with over 30%
who the hell is this guy?
And his popularity brings an interseting issue…could Buffalo actually get a Black Mayor? I doubt it. Even though the demographics have changed in the city I still can’t see many of the long established families in Buffalo with Italian, Irish, and Polish backgrounds warming up. James Pitts ruined his campaign by saying the “God wants me to win this election”.
But in general-why bother even paying attention to they Mayoral race in February? There is not much reason. Despite the polls, my money is on Masiello. Why? Because he has all the money.

One Response to “GO TONY GO!!!”

  1. Craig March 10, 2005 at 8:31 pm #

    Brown’s a ringer.

    He’s a very mild-mannered, reasonable-sounding guy that will be completely beholden to the unions and to the powers-that-be on the East Side.

    I sure hope someone else emerges to run against him.

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