NBA All Star Game

25 Feb

So now two years in a row, the City of Good Neighbors gets CRUCIAL representation in the NBA All Star Game festivities.
NBA Celebrity Game features all sorts of hollywood types wearing those fuckin orgasmic Buffalo Braves Jerseys. Paris Hilton had a herpes outbreak so she turned her Braves jersey into some ho-dress while her boy Nick Carter (whos brother is NOT GAY *ahem*) tears it up with Nelly and Cuttino Mobley.

but in 2005…
Brian McKnight gets celebrity game MVP
Goo Goo Dolls perform
now-i’m a big fan of goo and all but c’mon-don’t even try to tell me that they fit in with that audience. I would have liked to see A.I. and his homies rolling their eyes as they heard “give a little bit of your love to me!” And you gotta love how Johnny’s vocals got off key like a mofo @the end. And lets just say this. Johnny might be a Buffalonian from the Polish part of east side but he looks all hollywood. You wanna see a real Buffalonian? Robby Takac. The crucial beer gut and double chin just screams out Buffalonian!

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