25 Feb


If Van Miller did play by play for the UB Hoops team, you would be hearing a lot of “Do You Believe It”‘s because Coach Witherspoon and his boys have been layin it down against the MAC lately as they approach the end of their regular season schedule. Beating Marshall last night in a one sided affair, it seems inevitable almost, that the Bulls (with an RPI of 41) will make the NCAA’s. Obviously UB has to finish off the regular season strong and avoid collapsing in the tournament. It is pretty amazing to see how this program came out of no where at the end of last year and has continued its success.
and just a few more UB atheltic thoughts/notes…
*UB’s football recruiting class was ranked 8th of all MAC teams which I guess isn’t bad for a program that is a national laughing stock. Pressure is on this year to get 3wins!!!
*Buffalo News’ Bucky Gleason pointed this out a couple weeks ago…with the NHL lockout it would reeeeeeally be nice if UB had div I hockey. But they don’t. The best hockey fix you can get in Buffalo now is watching little kids at the Pepsi Center…

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