Giambra is Italian for "Evil"

27 Feb


I don’t care who you blame for this budget crisis-how can you not hate this guy. He simply looks like he is trying to con you into something. Whatever you think of him it’s clear-HE’S DONE! Not that I think the Democratic party is great or anything but something tells me that if the County Councilman was a Democrat he wouldn’t have layed so many people off and then take a vacation in Florida a la Jimmy Griffin.
Giambra’s attitude about the whole crisis has made things worse. How can he get defensive about his image while he lays off hundreds and single handedly damages the County? Instead of expressing sympathy-he seems to feel that he has been hurt the most this whole time.
To me, the Republican Party in Buffalo is dead and it will be for a long time (as if it was popular to begin with). I as well as many find it hard to believe that Giambra had to take the extremes he took to help out the County budget.
Just when you feel that things are starting to turn around with all the projects sprouting up in the area, this borderline-catastrophe happens. Some have been lucky to find new jobs without having to relocate, but many-like so many in the past-will have to leave the area.
Sometimes it seems as if the Buffalo area was just fated to enter an eternal downspiral.

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