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0.5 Seconds Away

13 Mar



so frickin close…now UB’s fate is left in the hands of the selection comittee…being a member of the MAC doesn’t help much so the NIT is probably the Bulls’ destination. Another Buffalo sports team blows it big-time in the spotlight.

Selction committee, as predicted, did not let in UB but apparently had Pacific beat Utah State, we’d actually be “talkin’ proud” like our local government used to tell us to.
None the less, we’ve come a looooong way from the seasons in which 10wins was an achievment. Despite the loss of Turner Battle, the recruiting should obviously impove, and of course, coach Witherspoon seems to have a great vision for the program.

Going Over What I've Missed

10 Mar

So its been a while since updating after a flury of updates in the last week of February, therefore I feel obliged to catch up.

A New Quarterback:
Just when you were sure J.P. Losman was going to take the top spot. GM Donohoe showed me he is not completely insane and made a good move by getting former Browns QB Kelly Holcomb. This will only be good for the Bills

Dreams Of March Madness
UB beat Toledo today in the second round of the MAC Conference Tournament. With an RPI of 35-things are looking good!

Bass Pro Updates
Paperwork still being done on this and some reforms might be put into place to make the deal more City-friendly. Let’s hope City Council doesn’t go crazy with the reforms and jeopordizes the deal

Burning Coffee
A mini-controversy is brewing after a coffee shop in downtown was burned down two weeks after the owner took out an insurance policy on the store. Many are accusing the Buffalo News of using an extreme bias against the owner in a supposedly non-opinionated article.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Buffalo has increased jobs this year so far mostly thanks to GEICO coming in. Although it was a slight increase, it’s good to see some progress.

Suffering from Vertigo
U2, who seems to always come to Buffalo during their tours has made their “Vertigo” tour no different-scheduling a date for December 5th at the HSBC Arena

Filling That Hockey Void
White-Hot Rochester Americans are coming to HSBC again March 20th and April 3rd. According to the Buffalo News, fans will see a different ice-as in blue ice and orange lines. Wierd stuff but hockey is hockey, especially during times like this


10 Mar

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