Rochester Ferry

28 Apr

This site is out of Rochester, and its owner was kind enough to comment on my post regarding the nonexistent WMDs in Iraq. I guess the President, the WMD search team, and the CIA all saying that there were no WMDs in Iraq in 2003 isn’t good enough for the Fuller site. It’s just 1500 Americans, give or take, who went to war on that basis. Whatever /sarcasm

In any event, I note from that site that the Rochester – Toronto ferry is slated to begin running again on June 17th. I hope to catch a ride on this thing this summer.

Bay Ferries’ website is here.

The Rochester Ferry’s new website is here.

Bay Ferries now operates Rochester’s ferry. They nicknamed it the “Cat”.

Fuller comments:

WHAM reports that the $34,000,000 freaking boat ($32mil boat + $2mil repairs) known as the fast ferry, now known by the ridiculous nickname “The Cat” (what is that supposed to mean? It conjures memories of CATS, the company that abandoned the ferry the last time around) will take off again June 17. (It will run out of money and suspend operations on August 23rd.)

That last bit is funny.

But to answer the question, Bay Ferries also operates the high-speed CATamaran ferry that operates between Bar Harbor, ME and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

So the “CAT” name is Bay Ferries’ brand, if you will, and is also indicative of the boat being a catamaran. That’s why.

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