Joel Giambra: double-o zero

29 Apr

From the WNY Media Group’s Buffalo Watchdog:

This has to be one of the biggest slap in the face from the Giambra administration yet. Channel 2 reports today that County Attorney’s spent $95 an hour after two private investigators were hired to watch people waiting in line at one of the Auto Bureau’s and the Registrar’s Office. It’s time for Fred Wolf to go as well…

According to Erie County Clerk Dave Swarts, the Erie County Attorney’s Office (Fred Wolf) authorized the hiring of two private investigators to try and dispute claims that lines at the Auto Bureau and Registrar’s office would be longer because of budget cuts.
This information came out the other day in court where the County Clerk suing Erie County cuts.

One private investigators testified their rate of pay was $95 an hour.

“The law firm for the County retained the services of a private investigator and sent them into the County Clerk’s office and the Auto Bureau to observe what we did. We were kind of shocked that this private investigator was hired,” said Swarts.

Swarts said he knew one female private investigator testified that she spent eight to ten hours watching people at the Registrar’s Office.

County Executive Chocula

Erie County Executive Joel “Chocula” Giambra strikes again!

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