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30 Apr

According to the Buffalo News, Tony Masiello…THE Tony Masiello, will not run again for mayor. To me this is a suprise, not because of his disgustingly low approval ratings
or the continued struggles of Buffalo, but because of his solid fundraising ability within the city, the fact that he is well established, and has the most experience of anyone. I have mixed opinions of Mr. Masiello.
I know he truly wanted the best for the city, and he especially wanted to be known as the guy who turned things around. With this said, he had to many faults and downfalls. Too many things went wrong during his time as mayor, some of which was created by Jimmy Griffin but a lot was from him. He was also a victim of trying to find the one big city project that would turn the city around. As of now, it seems that it is good that Masiello isn’t running again but the reality is that none of the current candidates could do much better. With a seemingly incompetent and unintelligent city council (not to mention stubborn) letting proposed project after proposed project get wasted away, a population that continues to dissolve, and a nation that refuses to let go of the sterotype that we are a city of fat white people who work in steel mills while eating chicken wings and watching Bills games during a snowstorm, this city will really never reach its full potential. Its too bad that Giambra and Masiello
couldnt come through with the refferendum that would create a regional government. As of now, it seems like the only solution.

A great basketball player, a mediocre mayor

Keep hope alive, keep Buffalo alive.

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