ECC at the trough

30 Jun

What Craig said:

The trustees of Erie Community College are shocked, shocked I tell you that the County Legislature had the audacity to suggest they roll back some hefty pay raises.

ECC trustees sharply defended President William J. Mariani and other managers, saying they have worked hard to boost enrollment and finances and deserve their pay.

I have no information which would refute that, but a lot of people around the County “deserve” pay raises. In our economic situation that’s not enough. And here’s a real knee-slapper.

The trustees slammed legislators for attacking the college – which has a balanced budget – while doing little to prevent the county from slipping into its current financial morass.

The college has a balanced budget? I say the college has a balanced budget? Um, not if the County doesn’t give it all the money it’s “requesting,” it won’t. Duh.

That’s $15.4 million in County money that goes to ECC as a subsidy.

Several legislators blasted Mariani’s contract, which provides him $185,498 per year, a county car with gas, incentive-based raises and a Buffalo Club membership paid for by the ECC Foundation.

Jesus Tapdancing Christ. $185k to run a 2-year school? You’ve got to be shitting me. And with 185k/year in Buffalo, you mean he can’t afford his own goddamn car to get from OP to Buffalo to Billyville and back again? And with 185k/year in Buffalo, you mean he can’t swing a tank of gas a couple of times a week?

And this:

Also Wednesday, trustee Raymond F. Gallagher and other trustees criticized the college’s agreement to host games of the Buffalo Rapids.

Gallagher said he’s concerned the team’s fans could damage the Flickinger Center – particularly if alcohol is served at games – and ECC may not be paid its full rental fee because of the league’s shaky finances.

“I don’t think it’s in the best interests of the college,” he said.

ECC had signed an agreement with Gary D. Nice, president and chief executive officer of the Rapids, to host 18 home games. The Rapids will pay at least $9,540 per game in rental fees, and the college should make $80,000 after costs, according to Daniel Penfold, executive vice president for student affairs.

The board considered denying permission to serve beer and wine at the games, a move that would cancel the deal.

But several trustees said the college needs to be consistent in its alcohol policy and noted other events have received permission to provide alcohol at the Flickinger Center.

So: basketball fans = destructive. No facts to back it up – just a wholesale fact-free prejudgment. Whoopdeedoo. We pay these guys?

It was a rather disgusting article.

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