A mind is a terrible thing to waste

30 Jul

I have known the Buffalo News has very little concern for the value & sanctity of life via its position on abortion, including partial birth. The juxtaposition in Saturday’s News of the father & son who lost their lives in a drowning incident & the mercy killing of dogs is just plain immortal. The dog photo & story was much larger than the loss of those two human lives, number one. Both should have never been put on the front as if both stories deserved equal coverage, number two; but in this case the dogs got better. I showed the front page to a neighbor & to my surprise the woman said, “this is Buffalo, what do you expect, the victims are Black.”

You know who wrote that. The second you saw the word “immortal” in place of the word “immoral”, you knew who wrote that. Didn’tcha? I don’t even need to link to it, do I? Plus, the clumsy indictment of the News having a racial animus is a dead giveaway, innit?

Also: that particular site has a really, really in-depth attack on Kevin Helfer & Carl Palladino. They suggest that a crime’s been committed.

That is quite figuratively the pot calling the kettle black.


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