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Erie County Legislature does diddly

30 Sep

By 8-7, the Leg passed a 4-year plan that would:

1. Raise sales taxes by 1/2 penny;
2. Raise the county’s share of property taxes by 16% (in 2006); and
3. Contain no deficit financing.

It phases out the Sheriff’s road patrol over the next 3 years, which means that towns with no police departments (like mine) would have to find and fund alternative means of police protection. I suppose that they’ll also be charging municipalities for housing inmates at the holding center. Hell, maybe the entire Sheriff’s department can be pay as you go. You can top up your police usage along with your cell phone.

Since only 8 legislators voted for it, there’s no way the sales tax will pass (you need 10 votes), and the whole thing is a nice use of paper and toner, but little else.

The Hard Control Board’s a-coming.

WNY Coalition for Progress Update

30 Sep

The Coalition will be hosting a Fundraiser on Saturday October 22nd. Save the date, and sign up at for updated information and notification of future events.

Saturday, October 22, 2005 7-10 pm
The American Serbian Club
1200 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo
Donation: $20

If it’s Sunday, it’s Hardline with Kevin Hardwick

30 Sep

Sunday at 11am on WBEN-AM 930:

Donn Esmonde from the News will join the Professor and take your calls at 803-0930 (for the 1st time in a while).

Unfortunately, I’ll be somewhere between New York City and Binghamton around that time on that day. So listen for me and report back any wackiness that takes place.


30 Sep

That’s what they call it in Germany – the act of two lanes “zippering” into one.

These unfortunate motorists on the 190 in Black Rock yesterday need to learn how to Reisverschluss.

Photo 1
Photo 2


That’s one way

30 Sep

What do you do when you’re a minor-party candidate for public office and the media are paying absolutely no attention to you?

Give ’em a dumb reason!

This is verbatim what Charlie Flynn sent out to the media yesterday:

Buffalo Mayoral candidate Charles J. Flynn wishes to disclose to the media and the voters of The City of Buffalo 2 incidences from his past.

Mr. Flynn urges all other candidates to “Put the cards on the table, face-up” in order to move the campaign along and end any and all speculation to his past.

In 1982, Mr. Flynn was involved in a brawl in a restaurant on Seneca which resulted in an assault conviction.

In 1993, Mr. Flynn made a prank phone call to the electric company in an attempt to have a rival realtor’s power cut off after a commission dispute. This resulted in a tampering charge and conviction.

Mr. Flynn’s past history as a Hooligan and prankster should be known to all voters and those considering to support him.

Flynn has said “I was wrong and learned and moved on to do many positive things for myself and community since my wild youth.”

Here’s my question: why is “Hooligan” capitalized?

Buffalonian named Chief Justice of SCOTUS

30 Sep

When I was 2, my Dad was in the Army and stationed in Columbia, SC. (Not a very hospitable place in 1970 for immigrants driving a Renault 10 with NY plates. But I digress).

So, for 2-ish years, I was a resident of South Carolina.

Which means if I ever do something quite so newsworthy, The State (Columbia’s paper) could splash “Former Columbia Resident Does _____________”

Because I have as much connection with Columbia, SC as John Roberts has to Buffalo.


29 Sep

Nobody can kiss one’s ass better than oneself.

And to prove I’m not being contrary

29 Sep

I agree with every single word of Craig’s post here.

Go figure

29 Sep

I said it was indefensible, but Craig defends it.

I link, you decide. (My comments are posted at Craig’s page).

But one note: whenever the left criticizes some idiotic statement (in this case, patently racial) by a prominent conservative, it is alleged that the left is engaging in the stifling of speech and/or political correctness.

Let me be clear: Bill Bennett can be as racist as he wants to be, and he can say whatever damn fool thing he wants, between bets. But I have every right to point it out and criticize it. That’s not PC; that’s free speech.

Dear Readers:

29 Sep

I will be out of town this weekend, and part of my travels will take me on the Thruway-maintained, but completely gratis, roadway of I-287. I’m sure you will all feel quite heartened to know that your 75 cent tolls in South Buffalo and Black Rock will go to subsidize the maintenance of a roadway that cuts through the center of one of the wealthiest counties in the entire country.

It’s nice to know that the working class of Buffalo can subsidize Mercedes drivers throughout Westchester.

I don’t know why I’m on a Thruway kick today. They just really pissed me off this morning.