Over the Borderline

27 Sep

Homeland Security wants you and you and you to have to produce a passport to cross the US-CDN border.

On a side note – to my friends in DHS – when I produce three blue US passports for three occupants of a motor vehicle, why-oh-why do you persist in asking us our citizenship? Those blue passports are your answer to that question.

The problem is that your granny who lives on social security and wants to buy some cheap medicine, for instance, might not really be able to come up with the scratch to get a $100 passport when, up ’till now, a drivers’ license and a birth certificate had been enough.

Obviously, since we’re talking about the Bush Administration, this new requirement to cross the US-CDN border is given the very Orwellian name of “Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.” NYCO calls it Upstate-unfriendly.

I’ve already got passports for everyone in my family, so I don’t feel strongly about this one way or another. I’m wondering what people who don’t have passports think about it. How would you have to shell out $100 and wait 6 weeks to grab some Ming Teh’s?

Go tell Senator Schumer. You can submit a formal comment using this link.

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