Catskill Casinos

28 Sep

Somewhat way off-topic, but I caught this in the Times, and just had to share with you a quote therefrom.

It’s from an opinion piece; the Times opposes the State’s plans for one or three Indian casinos in the Catskills.

The state legislature had whittled a proposal for five casinos down to three, and then ultimately to one; the site of the former Kuther’s resort.

The Kutsher’s site was not approved by the Legislature, mainly because Senate Leader Joseph L. Bruno wanted two other casinos in the Catskills as well. Mr. Bruno’s son is a lobbyist for one of the tribes that wants a casino near the Shawangunks, an area with some of the most beautiful vistas in the Catskills.

So, the one-casino plan was scrapped.

What a messed up place we live in that the Senate President’s son is permitted to lobby the state legislature. Fucking banana republic.

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