Erie County Legislature does diddly

30 Sep

By 8-7, the Leg passed a 4-year plan that would:

1. Raise sales taxes by 1/2 penny;
2. Raise the county’s share of property taxes by 16% (in 2006); and
3. Contain no deficit financing.

It phases out the Sheriff’s road patrol over the next 3 years, which means that towns with no police departments (like mine) would have to find and fund alternative means of police protection. I suppose that they’ll also be charging municipalities for housing inmates at the holding center. Hell, maybe the entire Sheriff’s department can be pay as you go. You can top up your police usage along with your cell phone.

Since only 8 legislators voted for it, there’s no way the sales tax will pass (you need 10 votes), and the whole thing is a nice use of paper and toner, but little else.

The Hard Control Board’s a-coming.

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