That’s one way

30 Sep

What do you do when you’re a minor-party candidate for public office and the media are paying absolutely no attention to you?

Give ’em a dumb reason!

This is verbatim what Charlie Flynn sent out to the media yesterday:

Buffalo Mayoral candidate Charles J. Flynn wishes to disclose to the media and the voters of The City of Buffalo 2 incidences from his past.

Mr. Flynn urges all other candidates to “Put the cards on the table, face-up” in order to move the campaign along and end any and all speculation to his past.

In 1982, Mr. Flynn was involved in a brawl in a restaurant on Seneca which resulted in an assault conviction.

In 1993, Mr. Flynn made a prank phone call to the electric company in an attempt to have a rival realtor’s power cut off after a commission dispute. This resulted in a tampering charge and conviction.

Mr. Flynn’s past history as a Hooligan and prankster should be known to all voters and those considering to support him.

Flynn has said “I was wrong and learned and moved on to do many positive things for myself and community since my wild youth.”

Here’s my question: why is “Hooligan” capitalized?

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