Buffalo News for Helfer

31 Oct

I really ought to get a subscription to the News. I usually glom onto someone else’s paper or read it online, but I didn’t get a chance to peruse it yesterday, and I didn’t check out the website until late in the day.

The News has overwhelmingly lent more coverage to Byron Brown. David Coffee analyzed the actual number on WNYMedia.net. I had assumed that the News would merely repeat its half-hearted endorsement of Brown that it gave in September.

But I was wrong.

To everyone who says that the News is just a liberal rag, I’ll point out that this year, the 2-time Giambra endorsers have endorsed the Republican candidate in every major race. Howard for Sheriff, Canavan for Comptroller, and now Helfer for Mayor.

I get a sense, however, that the editorial board is writing these endorsements:

1. Reluctantly;
2. At the insistence of higher-ups; and
2. Under protest.

When the News endorsed Howard, it said that the Sheriff’s department needed change, and that Fieramusca would be the agent for that change.

When the News endorsed Canavan, it said that independence was the most important factor in this year’s Comptroller’s race, and clearly as compared with Canavan, Poloncarz is the more independent of the three candidates.

Don’t forget that the News also endorsed an intemperate Whalen – who is Giambra’s political mentor – to become Erie County’s fiscal watchdog in September, too. Is Hormoz Mansouri e-mailing his picks to the News’ editorial board, or is it the Partnership or, hell, maybe it’s Buffett himself.

When the News endorsed Brown over Gaughan in the primary, it indicated that Gaughan had ideas and vision, and described Brown as a wishy-washy milquetoast.

Now it comes around to saying that “wishy-washy milquetoast” is decidedly not what we need from a mayor.

Well, why didn’t it reach that conclusion in September? Are the people of Buffalo not to be trusted with a November race involving ideas versus ideas?

I like Helfer, and I’m not one of these knee-jerkers who say he’s George Bush in disguise. The News actually takes a race, endorses a candidate, and does it for all the reasons I’ve been bringing up for months about Byron Brown – a nice guy, but no agent for change and reform.

Read the whole thing.

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