31 Oct

Happy Halloween, everybody.

We were talking last night about candy you’d get as a kid on Halloween that you’d never get any other time of year. I always remember getting Mary Janes only on Halloween back then.

I don’t really eat a lot of candy bars, so pretty much everything fits that bill nowadays. But I get lots of kids, so I’ve got almost 10 lbs of candy in my hall closet ready & waiting. That oughta do it.

Notice that they don’t sell the Halloween bags of candy by count anymore, but by weight? I figure I’ll get over 100 kids, so I probably overbought in anticipation of that.

We got Kit Kats (my favorite) and Kit Kat assortment (white chocolate and triple chocolate). We got Reese’s cups (also a fave) along with an assortment of inside-out Reese’s cups and white chocolate cups (noticing a pattern?). We also got some Snickers, some Almond Joy (awesome), and just in case we run out, we got some Hershey’s miniatures. I like the Mr. Goodbars in there, but I’m not a huge fan of Hershey’s chocolate by itself.

Back in Boston, we lived in an apartment building and got zero trick-or-treaters. Now, I practically have to finance the candy purchase.

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