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Bruno tries to recruit Trump

31 Dec

To run for governor on the GOP ticket.

That ticket’s rest pretty crowded as it is. I can’t imagine Trump would be interested, and I can’t believe that this is what passes for deep political thought in Albany.

“Gee, whom can we put up against Spitzer?”

“Weld? Too preppy/WASPy”
“Manning? Too tall.”
“Faso? Who?”
“Golisano? He makes Pataki cry.”

“I know – Trump!”

We need some neon signage at Empire Plaza.

Just look at it. What a great symbol for our unresponsive and inflexible State government.


31 Dec

Trying to get from 46th & Broadway to 43rd and Park tonight:

Up to 47th to cross Times Square in the rain/snow mix.

Over to 6th. Can’t go across 47th. 48th is closed, too. Have to go up (UP!) to 49th. Cops were having an overtime field day. Ask them a question, get an abrupt answer without anyone looking at you.

Got a nice nighttime view of the Rockefeller Center tree, over to 5th, down to 48th, down Park and finally to Grand Central. (Some pix to follow).

It was about 32 degrees, and mostly raining, but some snow mixed in. People were streaming into Times Square to stand in the rain/snow for 7 hours and watch a ball drop.

Thanks, but I’ll do it from under a roof with a bathroom nearby. You’ve got to be nuts or a tourist to do the Times Square thing.


31 Dec

Holy Shit.

Could this be the reason why the Main Place Mall is such a dilapidated, awful, empty piece of dreck?

Mayor Byron Brown

31 Dec

Indabuff has Byron Brown’s inaugural address in podcast format here.

Good luck to Mayor Brown.

Good point

31 Dec

The News (not yet online) has a few people saying that Tony wasn’t such a bad mayor, after all. Maybe not bad – mediocre, but not “bad”.

Jim O makes an excellent point:

So, I have to ask Larry Quinn and Brian Lipke–how would you guys know what a good mayor looks like anyway? You have both been involved in running the show around these parts. Instead of trying to put a brave face on a failed politician, you should instead look to your own responsibility for the mess we are in.


31 Dec

I see it’s snowing in town today.

We drove a long way last night, and saw stars in the sky for the first time in weeks. Literally weeks. This morning, we saw an actual sunrise. I love the snow, but I needed a clear-sky fix.

Again – Happy New Year to you all.


31 Dec

In Bushworld, warrantless spying on US persons (which is not only illegal, but repugnant to the Constitution itself) is okelee-dokelee.

Our press reporting on that News is very, very bad and worthy of jail.
(Note that Craig wishes for the jailing of NY Times reporters – not for the adminstration leaker of the information itself. But if you read the quoted text, the Justice Dept is investigating the leak – not the Times’ reporting of it.)

Under normal circumstances, it would be the domestic spying that would cause someone to be thrown in the slammer.

Bob Barr, of all people, was quite eloquent and succinct on what’s going on:

Two of the most powerful moments of political déjà vu I have ever experienced took place recently in the context of the Bush administration’s defense of presidentially ordered electronic spying on American citizens.

First, in the best tradition of former President Bill Clinton’s classic, “it-all-depends-on-what-the-meaning-of-is-is” defense, President Bush responded to a question at a White House news conference about what now appears to be a clear violation of federal electronic monitoring laws by trying to argue that he had not ordered the National Security Agency to “monitor” phone and e-mail communications of American citizens without court order; he had merely ordered them to “detect” improper communications.

This example of presidential phrase parsing was followed quickly by the president’s press secretary, Scott McLellan, dead-panning to reporters that when Bush said a couple of years ago that he would never allow the NSA to monitor Americans without a court order, what he really meant was something different than what he actually said. If McLellan’s last name had been McCurry, and the topic an illicit relationship with a White House intern rather than illegal spying on American citizens, I could have easily been listening to a White House news conference at the height of the Clinton impeachment scandal.

And, much like the most die-hard Clinton defender ca. 1999, I’ll bet that a majority of Republicans/Conservatives have massive reservations about warrantless domestic spying. [Insert slippery slope argument here]. But their obeisance and fealty to W. Bush prevent them from giving voice to those reservations.

At least in 1999, Democrats pretty uniformly condemned the President’s conduct with Lewinsky – they just thought it didn’t give rise to impeachment. In 2005, few Republicans seem to take issue with the obvious Constitutional problems with what the NSA has been doing.

Just remember – someday, a Democratic administration will be in office again. When that happens, will Republicans be just as pleased with NSA domestic warrantless eavesdropping as they are today?

2006 will prove to be a very turbulent one for this Administration.


30 Dec

Have a Happy New Year, dear reader.

A new local Blogger

30 Dec

Look who’s using WordPress now.

As an aside – this kind of shit is ubiquitous with Bauerle & Beach.

Esmonde Awards

30 Dec

Donn Esmonde names his peeps of 2005.

Debbie Bowers (Helping women in Iraq)
Darlene Torbenson (Amherst citizen who led fight for sinking home victims)
Chris Koch (New Era Cap)
Donald Lockwood (Miracle Pizza Delivery Guy)
Donna Fernandes (Zoo Leader)