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Stern vs. CBS

28 Feb

This is gonna be fun to watch.  CBS Radio intends to file a $500MM breach of contract suit against Howard Stern, alleging he utilized CBS airtime to promote his new venture at Sirius and profited by cashing in an incentive laden stock deal once he began working at the satellite radio company.  I’m sure BuffaloPundit will be able to dig into the legalese of the proceedings and give a better analysis of the lawsuit…he is a lawyer after all.

Many critics said that Howard wouldn’t be as interesting without someone to fight against…well, Les Moonves rides to the rescue and is willing to be Howard’s huckleberry.  It would seem that Les might be better served focusing on the atrocious ratings of Howard’s replacements rather than drumming up further interest in Howard’s channels on Sirius.

Regardless of the outcome, Howard is at his best when he feels persecuted and wronged…it’ll make for some great radio.

Red State Love Affair

28 Feb

Looking for a new significant other?  Struggling to find a theocon that you can cuddle up in front of the fire with?  Someone with whom you can discuss the latest Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin columns?

Look no further!  HANNIDATE IS HERE!

Rage Against The Machine

28 Feb

The Board of Elections and the local media have done a piss poor job of notifying the public as to the location of polling places in the 60th Senate District Special Election. It’s almost like we live in Florida…Figmo details the shenanigans...

Call 858-8891 to find the location of your local polling place. You’ll need to provide them with your address so they can deduce from their cryptic and secretive logs where you should go to cast a vote. I know that the DEL10 and DEL12 districts have been consolidated into one polling place at St. Mark’s Elementary School on Woodward Avenue.

When I went to St. Mark’s to vote on my lunch hour, the elections inspector said she had seen less than 10 people all day. This is exactly what the political machine wants, apathetic and confused voters. The machine picked the candidates and now, they’re about to pick the Senator for you. Vote for Coppola, Vote For Jacobs, hell, Vote For Pedro if you want…stick it to the man and just VOTE!


28 Feb

Figmo posts:

Today is an election day and lots of folks don’t know where to vote. Think you know where you’re supposed to go?

You’d better call 858-8891 and be sure.

Evidently, because of “District Consolidation”, not all polling places are open today and some have simply been moved.

Don’t let this election be determined by apathy. We don’t care for whom, but today please call the number above, find out where to vote, and make a difference.

As Figmo says – it’s almost as if they didn’t want you to vote.

Good Ford, Bad Ford

28 Feb

While Ford USA scraps the execrable, uninteresting, uninspired Freestar minivan, Ford Europe releases the newest iteration of the Galaxy minivan, and a brand-new offering called the “S-Max”.

Maybe if Ford USA was half as inventive and creative in interior & exterior design as Ford Europe, it’d be in a better financial position than it finds itself today.

Even Europe’s Focus Mk II is cooler than the Mk I with which we’re stuck.

The Emergence Of Corporate Blogs

28 Feb

There has been an interesting emergence of corporations who are utilizing blogs to spread their message with viral marketing and buzz creation.  Smart companies are driving interest in their products by using the web to create a brand identity that early product adopters gravitate towards.

Bloggers and Web 2.0 aficianados are driving the cultural zeitgeist nowadays and companies are wisely buying into the movement.  Naturally, tech companies are leading the corporate charge.  IBM is slowly working towards “official” employee blogs (utilizing wiki and not Lotus) as they sanction external employee blogs and blogs intended for internal consumption.

Sun Microsystems took the early lead in this space by creating a hosting service for their employees to officially blog about anything and everything.  The COO writes one of the widest read blogs on the Internet.

Other tech companies are realizing the power of the blogosphere and the idea is spreading…quickly.

Apple Geeks On Edge

28 Feb

Steve Jobs has invited reporters and analysts out to Apple’s Cupertino, CA offices to check out some “fun new products”. Of course, this has Apple junkies (myself included) quite excited.

Rumors include:

iPod boombox that features wireless audio streaming for the home. Call it the “Homepod” with “Airtunes Speakers”
Full screen video iPod with virtual clickwheel interface
Intel-based Mac Mini that will feature Front Row, DVR technology, iPod dock, etc
– Widescreen Intel-based iBook with magnetized latches and power connectors
Full length movies for sale on iTunes

My guess is that a new iPod is likely and the Mac mini will be unveiled. You can track the live event at MacRumors starting at 10AM PST.


Specs on the new iMac mini: iLife 06, Apple’s suite of applications that includes iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, GarageBand and iWeb. Also standard is Mac OS X v10.4, a remote control, Front Row, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth, four USB 2.0 interfaces, FireWire 400, GigaBit Ethernet, DVI video out, and Dolby Digital 5.1 and analog audio in and out. The entry-level Mac mini system, available starting today, is a 1.5GHz Core Solo system with 667MHz bus, 512MB RAM, 60GB SATA hard drive and “Combo” DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive for $599 — $100 more than the previous base model. The 1.67GHz Core Duo-based model features an 80GB SATA internal hard disk and 8x “SuperDrive” that can burn DVDs as well as CD-Rs, for $799.

Introducing iPod Hi-Fi! Three speakers, Integrated power supply, can also be powered by of six D batteries. The unit comes with two 80mm mid-range drivers in sealed acoustic suspension with a 130mm dual voice coil woofer center channel. iPod Hi-Fi also sports a Universal Dock connector and integrated handles. It has a sealed resin enclosure, and doesn’t vibrate which helps provide an actual hi-fi experience.

IPod integration for the iPod Hi-Fi: there’s a software update for iPods that puts a speaker menu item in the main menu. Tone control, backlight always on or off, large album art on or off or the screen can go black and just show album art. All of this can be controlled with the Apple Remote. $349 and it goes on sale today.

Apple rules.


28 Feb

I finally uploaded the last batch of pix from Mexico.

The last few days were notable for a nasty cold & cough I got, some fun in the pool, a few trips back into town, and a last bit of shorts-wearing before returning to temps under 60 degrees.

The Malecon – the walkway along the beach – has beautiful sculpture installations every 300 feet or so.

On our last night, we had to get out of the Groundhog-Day-like sameness of all-inclusive eating and check out the unfortunately named “Pipi’s” restaurant:

If you want a dark Dos Equis, you order this:

If you want fresh guacamole made at your table, you ask for this:

If you like fajitas, but can’t decide which type to get, go for the combo:

They don’t just come sizzling, they come flambeed.

Then walk back to the Malecon to check out the sunset.

On the morning of your departure, kiss the view goodbye.

Upon departing, kiss the Pacific and the Banderas Bay goodbye.

An hour later, enjoy the choking smog of Mexico City.

And a short 3+ hour flight later, you’ll find yourself over Lake Erie, with Cedar Point in view.

And a decidedly chillier sunset.

The whole set is at Flickr.

Coming in March 2006: El Paso, Texas.

Same Goal, Different Methods

28 Feb

The Sam Hoyt Method:

Repeatedly introduce legislation in Albany to eliminate the Ogden and Breckenridge toll booths on the I-190. Hold a public hearing to discuss the issue further.

The Joel Giambra Method:

Sue the state to remove the toll booths. When all you have is a hammer…everything looks like a nail.

I don’t much care for Joel but, he’s doing the right thing here. Sam is doing his best to fight the problem using establishment methods, which is to be commended as well. Hopefully, one of these guys wins the fight.

We're Talkin' Proud!

28 Feb

Alan Hevesi dropped a massive load of upbeat news on the City of Buffalo in his report on the fiscal stability of cities throughout New York.

Some juicy tidbits:

Buffalo led the pack of 61 cities from 2000 to 2004 in what Hevesi called financial “stress levels”

Buffalo saw 60 percent of expenses go to salaries and benefits of workers

How do upstate cities respond to such news? By demanding increased state aid, of course! I’m sure that will work, so far, it has really made a difference. Seriously, keep voting for guys like Brown, Tokasz, Volker, Coppola, and their ilk and this is what you get out of your local politicians. The problem is machine politics and the continual kowtowing to union pressures at the expense of free enterprise.

The first response of these politicians is to examine ways to generate more revenue, not to seek creative cost cutting measures. For some reason, local and state politicans have been incapable of establishing a corollary between the ever rising tax burden and the continual population decline…it’s a problem that feeds itself. The population decline results in the majority of the voting public being dependent on government salaries or benefits, not exactly the type of voters who will look for reform.

The full report can be found here.