Hillary Clinton

31 May

Here it comes…the designee of this convention is Hillary Clinton. The nominations are closed. “Aye” resounds through the hall.

The lights dim.

A movie. Bush gets boos.

There’s Lazio right in her face again. I won’t summarize the whole movie, because I’ll bet it’ll be linkable within hours.

I think the movie’s name should be “Kudos”

I’m also betting that there’s a helluva light show or something when she takes the stage. Music is reaching a crescendo – the movie’s almost over.

And it’s done.

Here she comes. The crowd goes nuts. Lights back on.

This will be an Everlasting Love” plays.

She accepts the nomination. (Surprise!)

She thanks a whole mess of people, including her husband (who gets a standing ovation). She quips that she’s had the same hairdo for a long time, looking at the film.

She sounds themes of personal responsibility and service. Strong educations, the dignity of work with a fair wage, strong communities, and “Working together.”

We are free because of our values. We need to invest in the stuff that makes us stronger and smarter.

FYI – I’ve been updating the Flickr set as we go along.

“I believe in a government that makes decisions based on facts” and that seems to be a rarity in Washington nowadays, she quips. Moynihan once said that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion – but not to their own facts.

The administration doesn’t find consensus and reach to solutions that will work, because they jettison inconvenient facts.

She has a plan for clean energy that will benefit us in New York – alternative fuels that will ease our dependence on imported fossil fuels.

ULSD engines being built in Jamestown; Corning building particulate traps. We need federal policy that creates a framework to enable the development of alternatives. Oil companies ought to put a portion of their profits towards alternative energy development.

She wants to create a strategic energy fund – invest in alternative energy, or else contribute to the fund.

We can become a net exporter of alternative energy technology & create thousands of jobs.

We also need to protect the environment. State and federal policies to protect & clean up New York’s environment is needed.

“Stand with Me” starts every agenda item.

Now, we’re on to healthcare: we spend more on healthcare than any other country in the world; 1/3 goes to administrative costs, yet not everyone is insured, and by international indicators, we don’t even have the highest quality healthcare in the world.

She says we need quality, affordable, accessible healthcare to every single American. It’s 1993 all over again.

Stand with Me – Manufacturing; a country that doesn’t make anything can’t maintain its standing internationally. We need to enforce rules against countries that don’t pay by the rules. China is alluded to, but not named viz. currency manipulation & IP protection.

Stand with Me – to raise the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t been raised in a decade. She introduced a bill to tie the minimum wage to Congressional pay raises.

Stand with Me – ensure that schools do their job and offer preschool. College needs to be affordable, and Congressional cuts have been “reckless” because kids can’t afford to finish school.

We need to help students in order to grow in the global economy.

We need to fix FEMA – Katrina was a disgrace, and the administration destroyed FEMA, which had been working under the Clinton administration, and stuffed it with cronies who did nothing and left people to fend for themselves. (she had some anger in the voice).

Enact the 9/11 commission recommendations – and NY should get its fair share under “threat-based” funding for our first responders.

Let’s win back respect for our country.

Let’s stand by our troops and remember those who have given their lives – putting a sticker on the back of the car isn’t enough – let’s make sure they have all the protection they can get, and we can give.

Let’s make the Bush Administration take the blame for its mistakes, and let’s put together a plan to enable the Iraqis to really create a government that will permit American troops to come home.

Let’s make decisions based on reality, not ideology;
Facts – not politics
Real solutions are needed.

(crowd is hushed)

It’s more important to actually accomplish the missions than to put up a sign that says “Mission Accomplished.”

Let’s stand against “voodoo economics” and return to the path of fiscal responsibility we had just 5 years ago thanks to a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress.

Let’s stand against the silencing of scientists who have the nerve to warn us about global warning. We need to stand up for science and for evidence.

So, part of the theme is to attack Bush & company for not being reality-based.

Democrats need to not only criticize, but provide alternative solutions.

When the election comes around in November, we’ll again know that the American journey will continue, and we can stand up for the Empire State and the country, and send a message far and wide:

America is Back.

Light show, balloons, confetti.

Clever closing number: “We gotta get right back to where we started from

Segue to “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” but the Michael McDonald version.

At the very end, all the nominees took the stage, as did some guy named Bill Clinton.

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