Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Begins

31 May

Co-chair Denise King begins the process. Chuck Schumer will put her name in nomination.

Schumer plugs Redlinski’s, Charlie the Butcher, and otherwise praises Buffalo for the great place it is.

“The Democrats are rising, on the go, and it’s true in NY & throughout the country.”

And it’s official. The crowd goes wild.

I wish I could channel Rick Jeanerette for this stuff.

Schumer starts and ends his speech by holding a replica Stanley Cup aloft.

“We are the party presenting ideas and candidates to New York and the nation that will have them coming back to the Democratic Party in droves in November.”

Hillary peeps waving signs like mad.

He mentions some farmers he met in Orleans County who weren’t “Democrats…yet”, and that they originally didn’t know what to make of Clinton, but now they dig her.

He calls her a great Senator in the sense that our founding “fathers…and mothers” intended.

She has been a fighter for New York, and has delivered for New York. Bioinformatics. Acid Rain. Helicopter factory in Binghamton.

Two people will second the nomination; the first is Leecia Eve.

“Welcome to one of the greatest cities in America…my hometown of Buffalo.” That was nice.

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn seconds (thirds?) the nomination. She gives a nice speech about Clinton’s fighting for Title IX issues.

No other nominations.

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