A look behind the curtain…

31 Jul

Cindy Locklear has an insider’s account of the current battle over redefining the role of the Deputy County Executive into a professional county manager.

Once a Local Law is clocked in, it has to “sit on the table” for 8 days before it can be moved for a vote. After the 8 days of aging ’”on the Table” expire, it’s within the discretion of the Chairman of the Legislature, whether or not to move the proposed law for a vote. If the Chair wants to leave it on the table the only way for a legislator to move it, is to “challenge the chair”. Apparently this is “political suicide” if the challenger and the Chair are of the same party (something I didnt know, til after the first time I did it).

You want to know how politics are played in the legislature? Cindy is giving you a blow-by-blow accounting at her new blog. Make sure you stop in to check it out.

One Response to “A look behind the curtain…”

  1. Rus Thompson July 31, 2006 at 11:50 pm #

    I like Cindy alot.. She is going places as long as she keeps this up.

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