Scared in Buffalo

31 Jul

No joking around – that should be the new name for MKG’s column, given the amount of times she imparts to us how “scared” she is, or how “scary” something is. Witness:

Last week was the Feast of St. Ann, so a bunch of us volunteered to climb up the tower of the church, which looms over Broadway on the East Side, and ring the bells. It’s scary. You’re told to bring ear plugs and prepare to get dirty.

Mother effer. Why is that line there? Was it needed to bring the word count up?

The rest of it is a sad tale of an East Side neighborhood changed, a parish diminished in size, plucky die-hards who are determined to maintain a glorious past in a troubled present.

But seldom do Donn Esmonde or Rod Watson make their columns about them and their experiences. They will make a political or social point, and sometimes use the experiences of others to illustrate that point. By contrast, Goldman is often part of, if not the protagonist in, her pieces.

As we sweated amid the cacophony, I glanced down at the East Side streets, dotted with vacant lots, like missing teeth. A distant pedestrian looked up.

And sometimes the writing is nasty, too.

This bad boy’s an 8.89.

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