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It’s not the creepiness, it’s the coverup

30 Sep

The story isn’t that a creepy congressman from Florida was busy behaving inappropriately online with 16-year-old male congressional pages. (I wonder how many Barney Frank jokes this guy guffawed at). The story isn’t that a creepy congressman from Florida got caught doing this almost a year ago.

The story is that claims not to have known about it, but admits that he knew about it a year ago, and told Hastert about it.

So, locally the story is that Tom Reynolds likes people like Tom Delay and does absolutely nothing when he learns that his Republican congressional colleague abused his position by making inappropriate comments to underage boys ostensibly under the Congress’ tutelage.

They can’t say they didn’t know. They can only say they didn’t care. They can only say that protecting that Republican seat was more important than protecting a 16-year-old boy from a person in authority.

In Case You Missed It…

30 Sep

Business First reports that the WNY construction boom continues unabated.

Contracts for future construction in Erie and Niagara counties totaled $82.5 million in August, up from $61.5 million in the same month last year.

The biggest gain was seen on the nonresidential side of the industry, where contract volume increased 82 percent.

Just a bit of good news that was drowned out by the typical static this week.

Carry on.

Hot Potato, Hot Potato

30 Sep

Red got his STAR rebate check and evidently it’s all going to Australia.

Rhetoric run amok

30 Sep

Craig Howard thinks that the Democrats are indistinguishable from al Qaeda.

How droll. How reasonable.

Of course, I don’t recall the last time a Democrat blew up 3,000 people. But that oughtn’t get in the way of a hi-larious freeper metaphor.

Like Donkey Kong

30 Sep

Geek is in receipt of his Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese I mean frozen Uno’s I mean his Chicago deep dish pizzas, shipped from that windiest of cities.

Monday. Zetti’s. 6:30. Pizza & wine. Be there & bring your favorite).

It's On

30 Sep

Yeah, that’s right. Pizza goodness from Chicago has arrived frozen and packed snugly in a box of deliciousness at Casa Di Geek. Pundit will have no idea what hit him after I smack him upside the tastebuds with the one true American Pizza.

This is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to a Monday.

Sweet Pizza Goodness


Sweet Pizza Goodness

State Yawns Over Hevesi Scandal

29 Sep

The latest Marist Poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers are unaware of State Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s current ethical imbroglio and those who have heard about it really couldn’t care less.

Does that tell you something about the state of voter apathy in New York, or what?

Here’s the results:

If the November election for comptroller of New York were held today, whom would you support if the candidates are:

Chris Callaghan 27%
Alan Hevesi 57%

Pretty much the same results of the initial poll in July, not good times for the Callaghan campaign…

Have you heard or read anything about a complaint filed by the Republican candidate for New York State comptroller Christopher Callaghan that his Democratic opponent and current state comptroller Alan Hevesi misused public funds by using a member of his staff as a driver for his wife?

Aware of Controversy 39%
Not Aware of Controversy 60%
Unsure 1%

It always amazes me to find that people haven’t heard of a story that has been broadcast on every radio station,TV station, headlined in statewide papers, blogged, and generally kicked about by every amateur political pundit in the state. They either live under a rock or in Batavia…

Of those who are aware of the controversy, Does it bother you a great deal, a good amount, not very much, or not at all, that Alan Hevesi as New York State comptroller is involved in something like this?

A Great Deal/Good Amount 36%
Not Very Much/Not At All 50%
Unsure 14%

This is the part that kills me. 50% of those who know about the issue couldn’t care less that the fiscal watchdog and condescender on high of the State of New York has been misusing state tax dollars to drive his wife about town. What the hell does a politician have to do to rile up the gen pop in this state? Kick a puppy?

Hevesi was caught with his hand in the tax dollar cookie jar and simply wiped it away by writing a check to repay his own determination of funds used. An independent investigation by the Attorney General should be conducted…oh wait, he only goes after ethical violations in the private sector.

Woe is common sense…

On the radio

29 Sep

So, the first questions out of the box involved whether I missed living in Westchester (not at all – you try getting caught in nasty traffic on the 287 or the Sprain or on Central Ave on a Saturday afternoon, coupled with generally unfriendly people, by Buffalo’s standards), and ribbing about the weather in Buffalo (no, a cloudless 50-degree morning does not constitute a heat wave).

The radio show is run by two law partners from White Plains, and the first segment involved a client of theirs who had recently gotten himself into some trouble in Family Court down in Yonkers. They had a pretty insightful discussion about where the breakdown is that permits a kid so young to get into so much trouble so fast, and what society in general could do to minimize that from happening when the family obviously is broken down.

We began by discussing some pretty abysmal math scores from Buffalo city schools, and I spoke about Superintendent Williams’ efforts to reform the city’s schools, and how certain entrenched interests – both labor and management – are at odds about how and whether the schools should be reformed. We talked about flex time for schools, and the possible extension of the school year, and I noted that the one thing that would help New York improve in a lot of ways would be for these competing interests to all show a little flexibility so that progress can occasionally be made.

They were particularly galled by the fact that the <a href="“>Buffalo city school’s budget is larger than that of the <a href="“>City itself.

The segment was over pretty quickly, and we’ll talk again about other topics.

Step one a lot of times involves convincing our downstate cousins that upstate and western New York aren’t wholly populated by the cast of Deliverance.

Birthday Party

29 Sep

It appears that BfloBlog and I share a birthday. They’re turning one and I’m turning thirty-two.

In order to mark this special occasion, we’ll be celebrating with several adult beverages, wings, and other local delicacies at Pearl Street Grill followed by a few stops at our favorite establishments on Hertel Avenue (Sterling Place, Gecko’s, Sidebar, etc.)

If you’re interested in joining in the revelry, meet up with us at Pearl Street around 9:30 and “we’ll see where the night leads us”.

Borat on the visit of Kazakhi Premier Nazharbayev to Washington

29 Sep

A statement from fictional Kazakh reporter Borat’s D.C. press conference outside the Embassy of Kazakhstan:

UPDATE: The reason YouTube rocks? Full video up – same day raw feeds:

Part 1:

Part 2:

“Jagshemash, my name Borat Sagdiyev. I would like to comment on recent advertisments on television and in media about my nation of Kazakhstan, saying that women are treated equally, and that all religions are tolerated — these are disgusting fabrications. These claims are part of a propoganda campaign against our country by evil nitwits Uzbekistan — who as we all know are a very nosey people, with a bone in the middle of their brain.

“There is a man name Roman Vasilenko who is claiming to be Press Secretary of Kazakhstan. Please do not listen this man, he is Uzbek imposter, and is currently being hunted by our agents. I must further say on behalf of my government, that if Uzbekistan do not desist from funding these attacks, then we will not rule out the possibility of military intervention. …

“Furthermore, all claims that our glorious leader is displeased with my film, ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazahkstan’ is lie. Infacts main purpose of Premier Nazharbayev’s visit to Washingtons is to promote this moviefilm. This why together with Ministry of Information he will be hosting a screening tomorrow evening, to which he have invitate Premier George Walter Bush and other American dignitaries — Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Gates, O.J. Simpson and Mel Gibsons. This screening will be followed by cocktail party and a discussion of closer ties between our countries at Hooters, on 825 7th Street.

“Thank you, I must now return to Embassy where my government need me.