Worker’s Comp Reform

27 Feb

Buffaloi has the news on the historic workers’ compensation reform deal that was struck in Albany today.

I’m not talking about the substance of the deal itself, but of the meeting of the minds that brought it about:

It was big political win because the announcement was made by Spitzer surrounded by Joe Bruno and Shelly Silver, the legislative leaders who had drawn the Governor’s wrath over the appointment of a State Comptroller. The proposal has the backing of the AFL-CIO leadership in the state, and the NYS Business Council. That’s quite a feat.

Labor and Business? Spitzer and Silver/Bruno? “Quite a feat” is an understatement. It’s more like “the Earth flew off its axis and is hurtling towards the sun”.

New York’s super-expensive-yet-stingy workers’ comp system was listed among one of the major impediments to business growth upstate.

Nothing happens overnight. But maybe for the revival of upstate New York, it’s past dusk.

One Response to “Worker’s Comp Reform”

  1. hank kaczmarek February 28, 2007 at 6:28 pm #

    Not a bad start. Some real reform to a definite stumbling block for businesses who might want to relocate to NYS. Perhaps not perfect, but it ain’t the status quo for once.

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