I’m A Believer

28 Feb

Mike Miller at Shades of Gray poses the following question:

The Buffalo blogosphere is one small, but significant, part of the overall movement that has been an influencing factor in some of the positive things that are now happening in the city.

Now, there are some real signs of progress and some tangible reasons to feel hope. They are being well documented in the blogosphere as they occur. Even our local news media is beginning to reflect a more positive outlook on our future. It is not that anyone believes that revitalization will happen overnight or by the completion of one development project, but we do believe that it is happening collectively and carefully.

So, my question to you is: do you believe that Buffalo will regain the prominence and prosperity it once enjoyed? If so, when? If not, why not?

In my opinion, the blogosphere has done more for the revitalization of Buffalo than any politician or policy. The spirit of optimism and progress that is documented our pages has infiltrated the mainstream media and it is now starting to work its way through the local hoi poloi (Bauerle & Beach listeners excepted). After all, reporters from all the major media outlets read our sites every day and we have even been known to knock back a few beers or play a few games of poker with them in our efforts to bring them over to “Our/New Buffalo”.

Progress is happening before our very eyes. It might seem glacial at times, but it did take nearly 50 years for us to reach the bottom. Our ascent will be slow, but we will reach the mountaintop.

So, are you a believer as well?

One Response to “I’m A Believer”

  1. Mike Miller February 28, 2007 at 1:37 pm #

    Geek, thanks for the pingback!

    Progress is always so relative. As I wrote that post last night, I was doing so from the point of view of what’s been happening at the Central Terminal. My involvement there has been an interesting lesson on just how far Buffalo has come in 4 years (I joined in 2003).

    I’ve been told that I’m crazy.. that I’m a dreamer.. that redevelopment of the Central Terminal will NEVER happen. Sometimes, I’ve been told this by friends and family! In 2003, I cried when I first walked into the concourse. But I saw something that was so beautiful that I HAD to be a part of it. I’m talking about the building AND the people working so hard to save it.

    In 2004, the terminal’s 75th anniversary, we dared to dream big and have a blowout party. 4,000 people attended. From there, we tested the waters and held art installations, art shows, concerts, car shows, you name it. The people came. And they will continue.

    4 short years ago, we were told that nobody would come to the east side to visit a dilapidated train station. Who’d have guessed that since then, we’d entertain an international developer and convince the city to repave our parking lot and approach? We believed. It happened.

    The same type of phenomenon is happening all over the city. I still have a hard time convincing some people that they can actually SEE progress.

    I believe that the best thing that we all can do is to become goodwill ambassadors for our city, not only in the blogosphere, but in all facets of our daily lives.

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