County Republicans endorse Collins

31 Mar

From a GOP press release:

The Executive Committee of the Erie County Republican Committee today endorsed Chris Collins for County Executive. The Executive Committee voted unanimously to support Collins, who announced his candidacy earlier this week.

“Today the Republican Party in Erie County has endorsed a leader, entrepreneur, and reformer to become our next County Executive,” said James Domagalski, ECRC Chairman. “The other party will offer the voters another politician in November. Chris Collins is a business leader with a proven track record of success. The other party will talk about economic development. Chris Collins has personally created or saved over 500 jobs in Western New York. The other party will say they will reform government. Chris Collins has reformed several local companies, turning them into vibrant, customer based, profitable enterprises. The other party represents the status quo. Chris Collins represents a new generation of bold leadership that can and will do better for the people of Erie County.”

On Wednesday of this week, the ECRC County Executive Search Committee met and unanimously recommended Collins to the Executive Committee for endorsement. A day earlier, Collins announced his candidacy at Volland Electric in Cheektowaga. Just a few short years ago, Volland Electric was in financial distress before Collins stepped in to help stabilize the company, saving 110 local jobs in the process.

“Erie County needs a Chief Executive, not another Chief Politician,” said Collins following the endorsement meeting. “Politicians have controlled Erie County government for decades and they have continuously resisted reform and failed to create economic opportunity for our community. I know how to turn troubled companies around, and I think it is time to take the same approach and apply it to Erie County government.”

“We will do it by focusing on my three R’s – reforming county government, rebuilding our economy, and reducing taxes,” continued Collins. “Just like the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – provide a roadmap for a successful education, my three R’s will provide a roadmap for true change and prosperity in Erie County. I am grateful for the Republican Party endorsement and the strong support I have received from members of this Committee.”

Collins is married and has three children and one grandchild. He and his wife, Mary, live in Clarence.

9 Responses to “County Republicans endorse Collins”

  1. CB at 8:36 pm #

    I think Dems have it their minds that the CE job is in da bag…Collins will make things interesting and I am guessing that is why Repubs have endorsed now…any word on if the EC comptroller has made up his mind to run or not?

  2. Rubberworker at 1:41 pm #

    Just because Collins saved a business doesn’t make him a expert on government. How much does he pay his workers , minimum wage jobs don’t help pay the rent. Goverment exists to provide services to the people, not to make a profit.

  3. hank kaczmarek at 4:38 pm #

    minimum wage jobs don’t help pay the rent.
    Around 60% of minimum wage earners still live with their parents. so around 6 out of 10 minimum wage jobs don’t pay the rent anyway.

    All that aside. Collins could be a good one. We’ll never find out.

    with less than 40% of voters exercising the franchise, no D next to his name and certainly no endorsements from Organized Labor, specifically the local civil service unions, and an electorate scarred by Giambra, RINO though he is, he could make things interesting and I hope he does, but I doubt it. He’s likely toast already.

  4. Christina Abt at 7:16 am #


    You have a razor like insightfulness.

    I find Collins to be an intriguing candidate, but with the amazing consistency of the voters in this county, I doubt he will advance past the campaign stage.

  5. hank kaczmarek at 9:35 am #

    Thanks Christina–Normally I’m either ridiculed or called a liar. Not by Alan of course.

    Normally I rail against the Blinders On Straight Democratic Ticket voters of WNY, but after Giambra, I can hardly blame them. My Grandfather was one for many years, He felt he owed it to FDR for giving him work on the WPA after Pierce Arrow folded.

    Today, that’s translated into, as one BRO poster put it, “If I vote for Helfer, he might invite Bush to Buffalo”. Now THAT’s a sad commentary.

    Most who look at Buffalo’s history since the boom of the early 50’s to today can see that a downward spiral has taken place for half a century, and Democrats have controlled the area almost completely during that time. Voters don’t look to another party’s candidate as a chance for change, at least not this time. All you have to do is remember Giambra is(in his mind) a Republican. That’s enough.

  6. steve at 5:23 pm #

    “Just because Collins saved a business doesn’t make him a expert on government.”

    Look around, rubberworker. Maybe we could use of few less “expert(s) on government” in WNY, because there sure hasn’t been a lot of progress with the current crop…or the last few. Party doesn’t matter — 12 years of Cuomo, 12 years of Pataki. Griffin’s 4-term reign of terror, followed by Masiello’s 3-term malaise.

    And, with the impact government has on business in this state, anyone who’s saved a business here probably knows more about government than most.

  7. Rubberworker at 6:30 pm #

    Why don’t we stop making elections popularity contests ? Have a person with a degree and experience do the job of running city/county/state.
    Sooooooo Hank then the 60% that live with parent can never hope to move out. All people like Collins do is delay jobs leaving and give false hope to his workers.


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