Mayor Anello

23 May

This recounting of a recent press conference held by Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello is pretty hilarious. I especially liked this part:

At the conclusion of the May 14 news conference during which Niagara Falls Mayor Vincenzo V. Anello delivered a performance that was equal parts Captain Queeg and Captain Ahab, one woman standing behind him clapped her hands loudly and shouted.

“Bravo, Mayor Anello!” she proclaimed.

Who, you might ask, provided the one-woman ovation?

His sister, Rose.

Whatever his faults as the city’s chief executive, Anello has shown tremendous devotion to his family. When the City Council eliminated his daughter’s job as assistant events something-or-other, he pushed his secretary out of her position to make room for Vincenette.

And when Rose’s civil-service exam score was too poor to retain the post in the city comptroller’s office he had given her after taking office in January 2004, he swiftly took action.

Rather than filling the job with someone qualified, he simply eliminated the position, created a new one with a slightly different title and job description, and gave it to his sister. That post supposedly requires a civil-service test, also, but it had not been scheduled as of press time.

He’s surrounded himself with barely competent sycophants. And people wonder why nothing ever gets done in the Falls.

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