Lobbying Chertoff

25 May

The Washington Post via Wired reports that a group of Canadian business leaders are lobbying the Abteilung Der Heimatsicherheit (Homeland security sounds so much better in its original German) over the decision to scrap shared border management at the Peace Bridge.

I hope American businesses are doing the same:

“Business groups like ours are really worried about the negative signal it sends,” said Maryscott Greenwood, executive director of the Canadian-American Business Council, which represents such major U.S. firms as Campbell Soup, Wal-Mart, United Parcel Service, Lockheed-Martin and Exxon Mobil. “One billion dollars a day flows across the U.S.-Canada border. Take all the countries of the E.U. together, and the Canada-U.S. relationship dwarfs it. Canada does more business with one company — Home Depot — than it does with France.”

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