Nurses Needed for Baby Mikey

29 May

Regular listeners of Christina Abt’s “Buffalostyle” show will recall the Mother’s Day show featuring, among others, Michelle Kasprzyk, whom Christina profiled here, and is in today’s Buffalo News.

The family is maintaining a blog about Mikey’s progress, but they still need in-home nursing assistance 16 hours per day.

Anyone who can help with names or information is urged to send an email to

One Response to “Nurses Needed for Baby Mikey”

  1. Christina Abt May 29, 2007 at 11:49 am #

    Thanks for the plug BP….it’s really a great story and a remarkable family….and I was most honored that the Kasprzyks came to me in early May to help put out the media call.

    Hope your readers take the time to listen to that Buffalostyle show and then help in any way they can.

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