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Banned in China

28 May

It’s an honor. Test your url here.

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Rus & the Tolls

28 May

Rus Thompson’s efforts to get tolls removed from the north and south Grand Island bridges continue apace. Here’s an article about it from last week’s Buffalo News.

One thing for sure, looking at this picture, Rus doesn’t just want to get the tolls removed. He wants to kick their asses.

Park Lane Condos

28 May

Buffalo Rising has started a petition in favor of he proposed Park Lane Tower condominiums at Gates Circle, proposed by Uniland.

The link to the petition is here.

My opinion on the project? Build it.

My opinion on the petition? How pitiful it is that a grassroots petition drive is necessary in support of a multimillion dollar project proposed by a huge local developer to build condos that I couldn’t afford.

It’ll Happen. You Watch.

28 May

You read.

Hi There, How’s it Going?

27 May

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, and taking a moment to remember our servicemen and women overseas who, along with their families, are sacrificing so much right now.

Yesterday involved puttering around the house, spot of shopping, and a cookout. Today we’re off to the T.O.

Last night we watched the season finale of Robin Hood. What’s so amazing about this iteration of the Hood legend is that it is simultaneously contemporary and a period piece. More than once the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Lily Allen’s dad, Keith) has sounded a great deal like Dick Cheney. The finale on BBC America (DVD is out June 13th) was simply excellent and unique in that there was no real cliffhanger. To my mind, Mudge was the star of the show last night. Season two is currently being shot in Hungary and will begin airing in the UK in October.

In other news, stay tuned for 2.0, which should be up and running very very soon.

50 High Street

27 May

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If it’s Sunday, it’s Hardline with Kevin Hardwick

27 May

On Sunday the 27th, the show opens up with 3 phone calls: Mindy Bockstein, Chairperson and Executive Director of the NYS Consumer Protection Board on the credit industry; Joe Bieron of the Orchard Park School Board on the passage of all local school budgets; and Joe Maciejewski, Director of Erie County Real Property Tax Services regarding patronage comments made by Erie County Legislator Kathy Konst last week.

10:30-11 will feature the lovely and talented Bob McCarthy, Buffalo News political reporter.

At 11:00 it’ll be party chair thunderdome with Len Lenihan and Jim Domagalski.

10am – 12pm Sunday on WBEN AM-930 and online at

Sometimes Worth It

25 May

I seldom paid attention to American Idol this year, but the finale (which was otherwise destroyed by the likes of Taylor Hicks singing selections from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) did have one cool moment.

Blake Lewis didn’t win American Idol, but there’s no denying the kid is talented as hell. Here he is beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh. He’s a beatboxing virtuoso:

Lobbying Chertoff

25 May

The Washington Post via Wired reports that a group of Canadian business leaders are lobbying the Abteilung Der Heimatsicherheit (Homeland security sounds so much better in its original German) over the decision to scrap shared border management at the Peace Bridge.

I hope American businesses are doing the same:

“Business groups like ours are really worried about the negative signal it sends,” said Maryscott Greenwood, executive director of the Canadian-American Business Council, which represents such major U.S. firms as Campbell Soup, Wal-Mart, United Parcel Service, Lockheed-Martin and Exxon Mobil. “One billion dollars a day flows across the U.S.-Canada border. Take all the countries of the E.U. together, and the Canada-U.S. relationship dwarfs it. Canada does more business with one company — Home Depot — than it does with France.”

Canal Side: A Third Way Emerges

25 May

As we already know, vocal local preservationist leaders have been tripping over themselves to denounce the Canal Side project. It’s an abominable crime to site a “big box” store on the most sacred plot of land on God’s green Earth.

Remember what happened to the Freelings?

We also know that Canal Side’s sacred triangle once housed brothels and saloons where much debauchery and crime took place in the grimy streets of this port city. Not for nothing Canal Street was called the “wickedest street in the world.”

Let us, therefore, raise a glass to historical accuracy. If we can’t agree on what should be done with Canal Side, I think we ought to take a cue from the people of Chatham, England.

Welcome to Dickens World, a theme park with a difference. If you thought theme parks were all about thrilling roller coaster rides, wolfing down hotdogs and cotton candy, and shaking hands with overgrown mice and goofy dogs, you’re in for a rude awakening. Dickens World recreates the filth, squalor, and even the unpleasant whiffs of Victorian London, the city in which Charles Dickens lived and breathed, and wrote so memorably about in “A Tale of Two Cities,” “Great Expectations,” and “Oliver Twist.” It’s less a theme park, and more a “grime park.”

If Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”, the Canal District could become a reasonable facsimile of the “Wickedest Street in the World”.