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A Friday

30 Jun

A beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky
but all I could think of was something to buy

A shiny new object with which to amuse
myself, and I’d seen it all day on the news.

So around five o’clock, I shot up from my chair
and booked out to the mall to meet my “M”s there.

I parked in the ramp, and ran right inside
where I saw a big crowd and very long line.

To the back I did go and stood in the queue
I wanted that thing – what else could I do?

I’m generally not an early adopter
but in this case desire overruled “smart shopper”

The crew came around with water and smiles
It was the biggest line that they had seen in a while.

At the front of the queue, with a gift card in hand
I selected 8 gigs, coolest phone in the land.

And when I got home, I updated iTunes
and plugged the phone in, it synced very soon

I set it all up for me email and calls
and I do have to say that this phone is the…

coolest thing I’ve ever bought.

In the wake of iPhone Friday

29 Jun

Verizon Wireless actually issued a press release reminding people that their stores are open all day today, and that they sell mobile phones that play music.

Thank You

29 Jun

Last night, I attended a wonderful Spree Best of party at Shea’s. I had received word that I was either the first or second place recipient of an award. I’m always very honored to be given an award for stuff I write, because I don’t do this to win awards. I do it because it’s fun.

I came in second. And I’m proud of that.

The winner was unexpected – Kelly from Byzantium Shores. I’m really quite happy that Kelly won, because his writing is always interesting, and his blog is one of the most original in our corner of Buffalo Blogistan – a term he coined. Congratulations to him for his win.

The listing in the Spree’s “Best of” issue (not yet online) praised Kelly’s blog for its originality and its reliance of original material rather than reposts, which I think is spot-on. For my entry, Spree said,

Why? Because he’ll hate coming in second, and blog all about it.

Now that’s funny. While according to Bobby Dukes, “second place is first place for losers”, I’m proud to place at all, and lost out to a very worthy adversary.

Team Tom

29 Jun

The Reynolds partisans have come out in full force not to defend their dear Tom, but to attack Jon Powers. That’ll go over well.

This guy hasn’t lived in Buffalo since when…..before he went to Iraq? Before he went to college? Has he paid the high taxes in Erie County? Probably not, since he’s never really held a job here.

This guy went away, and now feels he can come back and “make big changes.” What a crock. I am definitely in favor of people who were part of the brain drain coming back home and giving back to their community, but this doesn’t make much sense.

He lives in the Buffalo area right now. He lived here growing up. He lived here – and taught – between Iraq tours. Oh yeah, and he got shot at for our country. I think that’s pretty admirable. What the Reynoldsistas don’t explain is this: they keep harping on Erie county’s high taxes – yet what has our dear Tom done in 7 years in Congress to lower our county taxes? What did he do when he was in the state Assembly to reform our tax burden? How about when he was a county legislator? What has that career politician (yes, being an elected official non-stop since 1974 makes one that) done, exactly, to change the economic picture in WNY, except occasionally hucking pork money our way?

Another Democrat Rent-A-Vet.

That’s a great comment that, I think, encapsulates the attitude of the far right with respect to criticism of their sainted Cheney-Bush. I think it’s quite telling that the young veterans of the Iraq war who are moved to run for office seem to be running as Democrats who are critical of the administration and the way the war is being conducted. A person who attended Powers’ kick-off would have heard him say that he is proud of the work the soldiers are doing in Iraq, but that the administration isn’t doing everything it can to properly execute the war and conduct an occupation. To dismiss him and his ilk as “rent-a-vets” is to be a cretin.

Ultimately, if I was a Tom Reynolds supporter, Powers’ entry in this campaign would petrify me, too.

Geese & Ganders

29 Jun

bed_tax.jpgHow come Butch Holt is prosecuted for not paying over to the state sales taxes that he collected, yet this guy gets repayment schedule after repayment schedule for county bed taxes that he collected, but never paid over?

Out of the Woodwork

29 Jun

I guess I should have seen it coming.

Yesterday, I criticized the Buffalo Common Council for its puerile and ignorant denunciation of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese’s restructuring plan as having the whiff of “ethnic cleansing”. I can certainly understand why people would be upset about the closings, and the Council has an absolute right to weigh in on issues that affect the City’s population. I merely found the language to be out of proportion to the matter at hand.

That’s it, right? Silly statement, denunciations, everybody moves on.

Except now one of the most despicable people in the country sticks his nose in.

William Donahue is the head of something called the “Catholic League”. Here’s what he said:

The League said the Council’s resolution is “one of the most egregious examples of Catholic bashing ever to be voiced by a government entity in the U.S.”

Catholic League President Bill Donohue threatened a lawsuit against the Council, calling its language “inflammatory and patently bigoted” and accused the lawmaking body of hate speech.

Catholic bashing. Inflammatory. Patently bigoted. Is this guy for real?

First of all, Council President Dave Franczyk – the author of the Council resolution – is himself a Catholic. Secondly, he is angry because the Diocese is closing Catholic churches in the City.

Someone want to explain to me how that’s “Catholic bashing” or “bigoted”? I didn’t think so.

Even more shocking is the idea that this Donahue has the audacity to criticize anybody for “bashing” or bigotry. Let’s review.

  • Donahue has a history of ignorant, bigoted, anti-Semitic remarks.
  • He’s not a big fan of homosexuals.
  • Donahue thinks that the scandals involving Catholic priests molesting young boys wasn’t a pedophilia scandal, but a homosexuality scandal. One wonders what the hell he’s talking about.
  • Donahue thinks Muslims are “uncivilized”.
  • In any event, when William Donahue says something, consider the source.

    Shorter Buzz

    28 Jun

    kunz_mary.jpgI read it so you don’t have to.

    1. Tim Tielman runs a fun bus tour & Tonawanda bungaloes are the “new frontier” for preservation efforts, which means that Amherst & Clarence will be cool, too, in 50 years’ time.

    2. Mary likes the hot weather and dislikes meterological terms.

    3. It’s ok to spend tax money to put in a wine bar on Third Street in the Falls.

    4. Mary went to check out the new part of the Darwin Martin House and found her view of the statue of Nike obstructed.

    5. Donna Fernandes never said she was a Republican, as Mary reported in last week’s buzz. Someone else was.

    Using our new mockability scale system, that’s only a 31. Not too bad, but she should get extra points for having to include a correction.

    Genocide Alert

    28 Jun

    siren.gifThe City Council terms the Buffalo Diocese’s decision to close certain city parishes as having “the whiff of ethnic cleansing”.

    Since last I looked nobody was forcibly removed from their homes, shot at point-blank range, execution style, shelled, or piled into unmarked mass graves, I’d say that the Diocese is right in saying that the use of “ethnic cleansing” (which is a newer way to say “genocide”) is “appalling, irresponsible and misinformed.”


    28 Jun

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    It’s On

    28 Jun

    Pearl returns in “Good Cop, Bad Cop