Out of the Woodwork

29 Jun

I guess I should have seen it coming.

Yesterday, I criticized the Buffalo Common Council for its puerile and ignorant denunciation of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese’s restructuring plan as having the whiff of “ethnic cleansing”. I can certainly understand why people would be upset about the closings, and the Council has an absolute right to weigh in on issues that affect the City’s population. I merely found the language to be out of proportion to the matter at hand.

That’s it, right? Silly statement, denunciations, everybody moves on.

Except now one of the most despicable people in the country sticks his nose in.

William Donahue is the head of something called the “Catholic League”. Here’s what he said:

The League said the Council’s resolution is “one of the most egregious examples of Catholic bashing ever to be voiced by a government entity in the U.S.”

Catholic League President Bill Donohue threatened a lawsuit against the Council, calling its language “inflammatory and patently bigoted” and accused the lawmaking body of hate speech.

Catholic bashing. Inflammatory. Patently bigoted. Is this guy for real?

First of all, Council President Dave Franczyk – the author of the Council resolution – is himself a Catholic. Secondly, he is angry because the Diocese is closing Catholic churches in the City.

Someone want to explain to me how that’s “Catholic bashing” or “bigoted”? I didn’t think so.

Even more shocking is the idea that this Donahue has the audacity to criticize anybody for “bashing” or bigotry. Let’s review.

  • Donahue has a history of ignorant, bigoted, anti-Semitic remarks.
  • He’s not a big fan of homosexuals.
  • Donahue thinks that the scandals involving Catholic priests molesting young boys wasn’t a pedophilia scandal, but a homosexuality scandal. One wonders what the hell he’s talking about.
  • Donahue thinks Muslims are “uncivilized”.
  • In any event, when William Donahue says something, consider the source.

    11 Responses to “Out of the Woodwork”

    1. raoul duke June 29, 2007 at 8:13 am #

      and my mom wonders why i consider myself an agnostic (borderline athiest) these days. i live right near a law firm that specializes in immigration law and on any given day there are people who have escaped real genocides standing outside waiting for the office open up. maybe mr. franczyk should meet with them some morning and ask what the difference is between his “genocide” and theirs. i’m sure he would be surprised with what he learns.

      as for bill donohue… the tolerance within the catholic church of people like himself, i’m sure, is just one of the many reasons people don’t go to church anymore, causing them to close.

    2. hank kaczmarek June 29, 2007 at 8:15 am #

      Considering the left’s worship of the Court Interpreted “seperation of Church and State”, I have no idea what business any government entity has in the business of any Church or Church governing body. Typical Liberalism, as they want it BOTH WAYS.

      I’ve never heard of the “Catholic League”, but there’s probably a half dozen groups just like them.

      Donahue has a history of ignorant, bigoted, anti-Semitic remarks.

      I guess he forgot Jesus was a Jew.

      He’s not a big fan of homosexuals.
      Jesus had little time for the righteous. He was too busy trying to bring the Good News to the wicked, and those who did not know God.

      The Church says homosexuality is a sin. My Monsignor once said that the Church should not shun them, nor divorced people, nor the bigoted—Who needs the love of God and Jesus more?

      Donahue thinks that the scandals involving Catholic priests molesting young boys wasn’t a pedophilia scandal, but a homosexuality scandal. One wonders what the hell he’s talking about.

      Much of the Mother Church’s hierarchy and rank and file want to keep the issue buried. Pedophilia and incest are sins of the same order as homosexuality in the Bible. Obviously it cannot be defended in any way.

      Donahue thinks Muslims are “uncivilized”.
      Most of the ones in SW Asia are freakin’ homicidal savages, they prove it on a daily basis. To say ALL of Islam is uncivilized is ridiculous on it’s face. Same could have been said of groups like the Knights Templar during the Crusades.

      In any event, when William Donahue says something, consider the source.

      The guy’s a windbag.

    3. Tatonka June 29, 2007 at 9:48 am #

      Liberals “want it both ways” because (1) they believe in the separation of church and state and (2) they also think that Bill Donohue is an idiot.

      Yeah, that makes sense.

    4. LC Scotty June 29, 2007 at 1:41 pm #

      A couple of points:

      First, liberals are emphatically not the only ones that want a separation of church and state. However, I think the left tends to be much more vocal about it. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

      Second, I think what Hank was getting at is that the same people (e.g. Liberals-Buffalo politicos in this instance) who bristle at the least suggestion of church interference in government hypocritically don’t hesitate to meddle in internal church affairs.

      And Bill Donahue is an idiot.

    5. LC Scotty June 29, 2007 at 1:44 pm #

      And so is Franczyk-I forgot to mention that BP’s take on the BCC resolution was spot on.

    6. Tatonka June 29, 2007 at 5:04 pm #

      If that (i.e. local politics) was his point, why the reference to “Court interpreted seperation” (sic) ?

      But, whatever.

    7. Jon Splett June 29, 2007 at 9:05 pm #

      Hank’s right.

      The council shouldn’t concern itself with church closings mainly because those churches aren’t paying any taxes and theoretically, those vacant churches could become occupied by businesses who would be paying taxes on the things they sell. The seperation of church and state ensures people selling 2000 year old myths get a free ride from Uncle Sam and you never hear a peep out of conservatives about that part of it.

      Typical right wing. Always wanting it BOTH ways.

    8. hank kaczmarek June 30, 2007 at 5:17 am #

      2000 year old myths?
      Ever heard the expression “there’s no athiests in foxholes?”
      It’s true.

      Tatonka–welcome back to mis-interpretation 101.
      a. Liberal Supereme court “Interprets” A seperation of chuch and state out of what really said there will be no National Church, or Government Supported Church. (ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION BECOMES SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ????
      b. Governments want religion out of the public eye. No Nativity Scenes or Menorrah’s at Christmas.
      c. Government wants to tell the Church what to do with their property. IF THERE’S A SEPERATION, WHERE THEN IS IT.

      Atheists–When you get the chance to answer for your life, I hope they get it on a pod cast.

    9. Tatonka June 30, 2007 at 11:20 am #

      Oh – it makes a lot more sense now.

      Off your meds much?

    10. Jon Splett June 30, 2007 at 1:06 pm #

      Well Hank if you say it’s true who am I to question your ability to enter the mind of every single solider on a battlefield and know exactly what they think?

      I have an ex-girlfriend currently serving in the Air Force who’s an atheist but if you say she’ll abandon all her beliefs when she sees combat you must be right. I mean, you know her better then I do right?

      The idea that there are ‘no atheists in the foxholes’ is flat out insulting to the brave men and women who die for this country and don’t believe in god. Despite what your pastor may have told you, atheists value human life a hell of a lot more then their religious counterparts because we realize we don’t magically get another one until the end of time when we die. It’s called examining the evidence and accepting reality instead of just believing what you want to be true. I know that can be hard for conservatives (see: WMDs; Iraq War) but some of us like to live delusion free.

      Oh and if you want to believe there’s no atheists in the foxholes go right ahead. Just don’t believe there were no atheists writing the constitution.

      “The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the Supreme Being in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.” -Thomas Jefferson

    11. mike hudson June 30, 2007 at 8:45 pm #

      jefferson was, in that particular statement, espousing a commonly held view among freemasons. he was not an athiest, but not a christian either.

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