A Friday

30 Jun

A beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky
but all I could think of was something to buy

A shiny new object with which to amuse
myself, and I’d seen it all day on the news.

So around five o’clock, I shot up from my chair
and booked out to the mall to meet my “M”s there.

I parked in the ramp, and ran right inside
where I saw a big crowd and very long line.

To the back I did go and stood in the queue
I wanted that thing – what else could I do?

I’m generally not an early adopter
but in this case desire overruled “smart shopper”

The crew came around with water and smiles
It was the biggest line that they had seen in a while.

At the front of the queue, with a gift card in hand
I selected 8 gigs, coolest phone in the land.

And when I got home, I updated iTunes
and plugged the phone in, it synced very soon

I set it all up for me email and calls
and I do have to say that this phone is the…

coolest thing I’ve ever bought.

One Response to “A Friday”

  1. Buffalo Geek June 30, 2007 at 7:40 pm #

    Have you switched your phone service over yet? More details please…

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