A Twit Makes the News

31 Jan

Yesterday, I was driving to work during the height of the storm. I was on the Thruway heading west when I heard – and then saw – a large FedEx jet coming in for a landing. The winds were devastatingly strong from the west, with a very low ceiling and near-blizzard conditions.

I watched the jet’s wings wobble in the wind, and thought to myself that whoever that pilot his, he’s damn good if he can line up a landing with these sorts of brutal cross-winds.

I twitted, “Just watched a FedEx plane land in crazy snow and wind. Very hairy.”

Today, that little anecdote made its way to the Buffalo News. I think it’s the first time a twitter post has made its way to the pages of the paper here in town.

In many ways, the small but growing local community on Twitter reminds me of what the Buffalo blogosphere was like in 2004 – small, somewhat inside-baseball, and everyone followed each other’s goings-on.

My blogroll is pretty much unmanageable at this point, but seems to have plateaued – whatever new sites I find are generally offset by someone essentially abandoning a site.

Twitter is a micro-blog platform that enables people to post what’s generally supposed to be an answer to the question, “What Are You Doing?”, and the size is limited to that of a text message.

Anyhow, chalk one up for Twitter in the Buffalo News, although it’s most certainly not the first time a twit, in the Pythonesque sense, has made it to the pages of our local daily.

One Response to “A Twit Makes the News”

  1. buffawhat January 31, 2008 at 12:09 pm #

    So alan, the Buffalo News twitters? i wonder who they are. anyways, props to the BFLONEWS for some convergence!

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