No Word Yet on the Toxic Fuel

21 Feb

Courtesy Marquil at the

And incidentally, I don’t buy for a second the explanation that the spy satellite had to be shot down because of its “toxic fuel”. Unless “toxic fuel” is shorthand for “crap we don’t want China or Russia to salvage and reverse-engineer”.

One Response to “No Word Yet on the Toxic Fuel”

  1. Pauldub February 21, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    If you read up on Hydrazine, you will find out that it is rather nasty stuff. Had a friend who worked with it and everyone there gave it a wide berth so to speak. Of course it was also used as an experimental treatment for tuberculosis, but that was a while ago. To be honest, I think they shot it down in order to avoid a lawsuit in case it landed on something Tim Tielman liked.

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