Co-Working comes to Niagara Street

22 Feb

About a week ago, I wrote about an innovative idea being used in other cities called “co-working”. Freelancers can pay a relatively low rent and get space to share, so that they can have a proper office when home or the coffee shop just don’t cut it, so they can have access to conference rooms when needed, and so that there is easier interaction and collaboration with like-minded or allied professionals.

In comments, I learn of just such a place opening soon at 327 Niagara Street at Virginia.

Developer John Krytus writes:

Included will be:

– 24/7 access
– a private 10×10ish office (semi-furnished)
– high speed wireless
– (at least) one conference room and a second conference “area”
– common lounge area with comfy furniture and fireplace
– kitchenette (complete with great self-serve coffee)
– parking
– a view of City Hall
– easy on/off of the thruway

My current plan is to keep the rents very reasonable ($225ish) and slowly raise them to wherever the market sets it.

Coincidently, our plan actually calls for a Panera Bread meets Spot Coffee kind of feel.

My hope is that there are people out there that not only work independently, but that also need to meet with clients in a professional setting.

For local small business people and entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity.

3 Responses to “Co-Working comes to Niagara Street”

  1. Denizen February 22, 2008 at 1:57 pm #

    I love the concept of co-working and I certainly applaud the effort but this location might be a real tough sell. Best of luck…

  2. John Krytus April 16, 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    We are really close to putting on the finishing touches!

    Check out the new pics:

    And to speak to the last post about the neighborhood… it’s true that it’s not the village. But it IS basically downtown, and it IS right on the thruway. If you or your clients drive or are from the suburbs, its a no-brainer.


  1. Buffalo Pundit » Blog Archive » WNYMedia Collaborative - June 6, 2008

    […] Alan posted about the idea and through the comments, we met John Krytus, a local entrepreneur and real estate investor. As it turned out, he was already in the process of building exactly what he wanted to do and offered us the opportunity to get onboard early. […]

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