Help on the Way

10 May

Burma (Myanmar) has been led by a brutal, genocidal military junta for decades. It was hit by a massive, devastating cyclone last week and hundreds of thousands of people perished.

Now, the world is trying to send aid, but the junta is only allowing some shipments of food into the country – not the aid workers to go with it. As one would expect, this means that the government is not getting the aid to the people, and the devastation is thereby worsened artificially.

Perhaps in the meantime we can offer our aid through intermediary countries that get along better with Burma, like China or India. It’s a terrible shame that this totalitarian dictatorship, chooses political self-interest over the interest of its people – but it’s hardly surprising. That, or maybe they hired Brownie to oversee their relief situation.

You can help at:

US Campaign for Burma
UNICEF / Direct Relief International via Google Checkout
Doctors without Borders

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