Hot Car, Summer in the City

8 Jul

Why do we have to read these stories year after year? These kids are lucky to still be alive while mommy shopped at Target for over 10 minutes. It was 100 degrees plus in that minivan when the kids were let out.

Even if it isn’t 87 degrees out and wickedly humid, who the hell leaves four kids, the oldest being five years old, in a car otherwise unattended?

In other states, it’s a crime. In New York, it’s not. It should be. When a kid is injured or killed from being left alone in a sweltering car by a parent, that is completely preventable, and should be punished.

The cops love to run fire-and-brimstone PSAs about drunk driving and seatbelt usage. How about a PSA blitz every May and June to remind parents not to leave their kids in cars unattended?

2 Responses to “Hot Car, Summer in the City”

  1. Denizen July 8, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    This worthless human being should have her license suspended indefinitely.

  2. hank July 8, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    Actually, she should have her ASS suspended in Jail for about 6 months.
    The other women will teach her to pay more attention and care for her children.

    The unanswered question is–How do adults who allow their infants and toddlers to cook to death in a hot car
    a. Sleep at night for the rest of their lives
    b. Ever get over the end result of their attention to details other than their children.

    It happens everywhere– A veternarian in NC cooked HER kid last year. less than 6 months old. Completely forgot the day care, drove to the office (THAT’S WHERE HER MIND WAS AT) and left the kid sleeping in the

    Maybe the reason I never read these stories growing up is most cars didn’t have A/C as std equipment, and the car was ALWAYS hot inside in the summer. Most dealers in WNY ordered cars without it anyway, most folks when I was growing up there didn’t want it. Ate gas, cut HP and wives complained about “drafts”.

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