Niagara County Voices

14 Jul

Bob Confer: Activist and commentator.
Scott Leffler: Lockport broadcaster
Niagara’s Voice: Niagara County political blog
Niagara Journal: Niagara County political blog

Niagara. It’s more than just a waterfall and fail.

9 Responses to “Niagara County Voices”

  1. Mike at 11:23 am #

    Hudson is going to kick your butt for not listing the Reporter!!

  2. mike hudson at 9:55 am #

    mike…are you posting from chicago or have you been driven back to buffalo a few months after failing there? my guess would be the latter.

    much to their credit, the reporter’s good friends at wnymedia continue to provide a link to the paper despite our sometimes contentious exchanges over the years.

    bob confer and scott leffler are among the real good guys here in niagara county, as are sam fruscione and jerry genova, who run niagaratimes. i’m not really familiar with the other two, though they seem to be written by the same individual and have a hardon for niagaratimes.

    the people behind the real media here — as opposed to the three alabama-owned dailies in niagara county — are just trying to do the best they can with severely limited resources. we happen to live in a place dominated for decades by government corruption and private sector gangsterism, and i can assure you, it’s an uphill climb. as i’m sure the others would tell you, every day is a challenge.

    sometimes, it’s kinda fun though….

  3. Mike at 10:06 am #

    Mike, we thought you died. Where did you go to see your buddies on Fire Island? Nah, I was in Chicago setting up a computer system for a company we bought, but maybe I will see ya at the festival on Hertel tonight. But serious the Niagara Times is a blog set up by the GOP majority leader who goes under the name Hobbes. He was beating the drum to get Christy kicked off the air, nows he’s after Dan Rivera.

  4. steve at 10:13 am # vs.

    If you Mikes are going to squabble, at least understand what you’re squabbling about.

  5. Mike at 10:32 am #

    Wow thanks steve, I thought that 19th street office was just a front for something illegal.

  6. mike hudson at 11:41 am #

    niagaratimes is a longstanding business, run for the past seven years or so by sam fruscione, who is a democrat and a city councilman in niagara falls, and jerry genova, who ran for the county legislature as a dem and is a member of the city’s tourism advisory board. as usual, mike, you are completely misinformed and have shown yourself once again to be a total jackass.

  7. Chris Smith at 11:55 am #

    I think Alan was referring to bloggers, not establishment media like Mike’s paper. While Mike Hudson and I trade insults and ridicule one another, I think his paper is a must read every week for everyone in WNY. I have nothing but respect for Mike’s newspaper and their collective voice is critical.

    Also, I don’t expect nor hope for Mike to ever issue such a compliment to me or WNYMedia, nor do we necessarily deserve one.

  8. Mike at 11:59 am #

    Hudson you misinformed moron, no wonder you still can’t figure out who I am, the niagara blogspot that scott leffler, bob confer, and the other two listed blogs have a hardon for is run by hobbes or better known as republican ball washer Glen Aranow. And tell you buddies Sam and Jerry to paint that dump they call an office on 19th street. What are they afraid the taxes might go up? The place makes the crack houses look good, he’s lucky dennis doesnt shut them down.

  9. Larry Castellani at 7:09 pm #

    Contrary to Mike Hudson’s misinformation, I am NOT responsible for “the other two.” I AM responsible for one of the other two, viz., Niagara Journal. If Hudson isn’t “familiar” with my blog why would he presume to say that I have a “hardon” for the Niagara Times. It seems before our mild mannered reporter misrepresents others trying to participate in political discourse in Western NY, he ought to condescend to checking them out a little more thoroughly. After all he presumes to be a “journalist.” It seems the practice of checking your facts might go a little beyond his own publishing efforts. …. so I guess, according to Hudson, I’m not one of the “good guys” here in Niagara County nor part of the “real media.” Well, I’m definitely not a journalist. That’s certain. But I do try to contribute some critical thinking regarding local and national ideas and issues in politics. With respect to that I think I am as much a part of the “real media” as anybody around here. …. But no I don’t have a “hardon” for the Niagara Times, whoever runs it. The Administrator of Niagara Times did censor me twice claiming I wasn’t sticking to the topic. That was unmitigated bullshit and he knows it. Granted my prose is thick and I do try to sprinkle my critique with some ideas from political philosophy and theory, but with a little effort beyond the usual common sense you see on most blogs and in the newspapers, it’s not hard to see that I stay on topic if not in the usual “box” of mainstream political ‘ideas’ that passes for analysis. …. Nevertheless, I do thank BP for acknowledging my blog exists. I respect anybody who puts their ideas out into the public sphere for scrutiny. I would respect them more if they had the courage to use their own names in full and take full public responsibility for their ideas.

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