Random Thoughts After DNC Night One

26 Aug

Nancy Pelosi‘s speech was so bad, it was hard to look away.  It was like watching two dump trucks colliding in slow motion.  How this woman ascended to such a senior leadership position with such limited charisma is beyond me.

–  It appears the media is trying to set the agenda for the entire convention to make it about Hillary Clinton and the perceived feud between her and Barack Obama.  It seems that everyone associated with the party, the Obama campaign, and the Clinton camp want to move forward in a united fashion and they are saying and doing all the right things.  However, the need to fill the news cycle almost demands a “faux controversy” with Hillary.   Sure, there are some Hillary “dead-enders” who will not support Obama.  How is that different from other candidates in other years?  Obama needs to shore up support amongst women voters, as any candidate needs to do leading up to the election.  Hillary will most likely deliver an unconditional endorsement of Obama tonight and ask her supporters to support Obama, like she did months ago.  These women will not vote for a pro-life candidate who will swing the Supreme Court balance in opposition to choice and does not represent the policies of the feminist movement.  It’s all bluster.

– Claire McCaskill?  Please stop talking, kthxbai!

– Ted Kennedy’s tribute video and speech were quite moving.  Even though he is an imperfect man, he has been a true advocate for good government and will retire as one of America’s most valuable Senators.  It seemed as if the torch of Kennedy mystique and great oratory were handed to Obama last night by the last of a dying breed.

– Michelle Obama hit it out of the park last night.  She needed to fill in her backstory and present herself as both a wife, mother, and advocate for change.  By all accounts, she hit all the right notes.

Juan Williams reaction to her speech was shocking in its sincerity and emotion.

This is Obama’s party now.  The legacy of partisan politics as conducted by the likes of Atwater, Rove, Carville, Morris, and the Clintons is slowly fading into the past…to be replaced by the type of politics you’ll find in this article.

Also, take a look at the front page of pollster.com.  Even though the national Gallup numbers show the race in a dead heat, the state by state polling numbers tell a much different tale.  Based on electoral votes in states where Obama has a strong lead, slight lead, or classified as “leaning Obama”, he almost has enough to win.  If he takes two of the toss up states, it’s over.

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