Giuliani – Just Dumber

3 Sep

Listening to mocking laughter by the hall when Giuliani mentioned that Obama was a “community organizer” made me physically ill.

The Republicans believe that it’s wrong for government to step in to solve community problems.

And evidently, they believe that it’s wrong for ordinary people to try and help community problems.

Then he takes a dig at Obama’s “present” votes, which are explained here. Giuliani explains that as Mayor of New York, he couldn’t vote “present”.

No shit, asshole. You don’t vote as Mayor.

Then he goes on to say Obama never led people in crisis. Then what the f*ck was he doing as a community organizer? Disingenuous mouth-breather. Interesting, given McCain’s call to a “cause greater than one’s self”. That’s what Obama did. And they just mocked it.


UPDATE: Reax all over the place seem to echo my contemporaneous shock. Sullivan writes:

The one moment that stays with me tonight, oddly enough, was not Palin’s speech. It was a line from Giuliani, a New York mayor with a young second third wife and gay friends, mocking a “cosmopolitan” who was brought up by a single mother. It was that Barack Obama’s rise could “only happen in America.” And it was designed to mock him, the first African-American candidate for the presidency of the United States.

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