Primaries FTW

10 Sep


When Jon Powers announced last year, his primary focus was the Iraq War. As that issue faded from people’s consciousness due to an improved security scenario in that quagmire of ours, he had to change his strategy. All the numbers pointed to a Davis win if for nothing else, on his sheer name recognition. One way to counteract name recognition is to make that name seem unelectable. Powers started gently going negative on Jack with the Exxon Jack crack. Davis retaliated with a vengeance, and did everything within his power and checkbook to destroy Powers. War Kids, the ticket, PAC money, that’s all well and good, but the Powers Platoon hit site was a killer. It became a battle royal. Kryzan had been counted out for most of the campaign, but she came out from behind the fray with a clever but negative ad, which created its own buzz. She followed that up with a straight negative ad that was neither clever nor truthful, but it was enough.

Because Powers and Davis spent so much time bashing each other, 2/3 of Kryzan’s job was done for her without her having to spend a dime. She needed one thing to stand out, and the “boys, take it somewhere else” ad was just the ticket. She comes out of this relatively unscathed, so Republican Chris Lee doesn’t have a lot of negative ammunition to use against her. Hopefully Kryzan is able to capitalize on the desire for change in Washington and take the seat away from the Republicans.

I am disappointed in Powers’ loss, but take great, great pleasure in the fact that Jack Davis’ political career is now extinct. I’ll be he’s “relieved” he lost. Again. To top it off, a Davis “Brand New Man” just ran on WBEN. At 9:30. On Wednesday. Fail.


I hand it to Michele Iannello for running on issues. Her 40 ideas in 40 days was a great idea, and gave voters something to think about. She was outspent and outcampaigned by Joe Mesi and his Responsible New York benefactors. Mesi faces Mike Ranzenhofer, and he’s got a great opportunity to defeat the Republican. Mesi’s got the money, and Ranzenhofer has a negligble record given his 20 years in office.


Volker out-spent and out-hacked David DiPietro. Volker likes to play himself as being upstate’s champion, but he’s just as cozy with downstate interests as anyone else in Albany. He faces Kathy Konst, who is a ferocious campaigner, has money, and hasn’t been in elected office since this 40 year old was 3.

A-142 / 144

Why did Hoyt win with his intern problem and Cole lost with his more benign one?

1. Sam Hoyt has a dense urban district that is very politically active, and he has a veritable army of die-hard supporters who did the hard work to keep him around. They worked their asses off, and succeeded.

2. Mike Cole has a suburban/rural district and is a relative newcomer, except in Alden. He doesn’t have a supporter base like Sam’s.

3. Kavanaugh’s surrogates in the Pigeon/Casey/Brown camp took negative politicking to new lows this season. The depths of their gutter-dwelling may have helped Kavanaugh up to a point, but their zeal was so strong that they crossed a line – a line that I haven’t yet defined – that ultimately swung it right back in their butts.

4. Hoyt was up their with his wife, sister, and kids last night at Ellicott Square. You can tell that they all love and support each other very, very much. You can tell that he and his wife went through a very tough time in their marriage, but to their credit, they stayed together and worked through it. When you see Sam and his family, it hits you just how monstrously damaging it was to dredge up what was probably among their most difficult period as a family. Think what you want of Sam, but his wife didn’t deserve this. His kids didn’t deserve this. Yes, it was Sam’s fault. But bringing this stuff up in the way that they did merely victimized them all over again. Shame on them.

5. Hoyt’s hands are not clean on this. Everyone in the media has been receiving emails for weeks from some cryptic organization calling itself “WNY First”. The emails accuse a prominent local politician of being involved in what, if true, would be a blockbuster scandal. So far, no proof has been forthcoming and what WNY First has sent out purporting to be proof has been so transparently false as to be laughable. It’s been funny to watch local media – especially Channel 7 – trip over themselves to get the scoop. Hey, we’re just as curious as everyone else to see what kind of “proof” they have, but it’s most likely all a bunch of BS.

6. Cole is a Republican. He ran partly on his family values in 2006. When you tout that, don’t fall asleep on an intern’s apartment floor. Period.

7. Cole is a one-termer. Unlike Sam, he doesn’t have much of a legislative record to run on. No big thinking, no real initiative. When worse came to worse, he had no record to fall back on. Hoyt did.

Finally, the races hardly anyone really pays attention to were among the most important yesterday.

The Pigeon/Casey/Brown forces have been running candidates in committee races in the city in an effort to unseat county party chairman Len Lenihan. Their candidate to do so was Cheektowaga’s Frank Max. Every single one of Byron’s committee candidates lost last night, and so did Frank Max. One of the winning committeepeople didn’t even know he was running until that morning. With the exception of the Mesi race, City Hall’s effort to take over the county party was dealt a crushing defeat last night.

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