Palin Quotes Reagan

3 Oct

But the Reagan quote wasn’t from his presidential years.

It was from a recording he did in the mid-sixties to urge people to vote against Medicaid and Medicare, because they would lead to socialism.



4 Responses to “Palin Quotes Reagan”

  1. Jim Ostrowski October 4, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    Reagan was right. Why suggest otherwise on the same day of the biggest spending bill in US history?

    Reagan said some good libertarian things in the 1960’s before he took office. Of course, in office, both as governor and president, he became an ardent supporter of big government.

  2. WNYPMH October 4, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    Jim O – No way this isn’t going to sound insulting, but that isn’t the intent. The world you seek doesn’t exist and can’t exist. You said yourself in another conversation that we had that here has been no free markets since like 1897. Like it or leave it, our government has evolved into what it is today and it can’t go back. You want no government intervention, but human nature requires that rules of fair and ethical play are put in place or scumbags would take advantage of people for their own benefit.

    I think that the biggest problem with most people who want Libertarian policies is that they are intelligent people who think everyone else is just as intelligent as they are. Libertarianism might work if everyone was smart enough to manage their own investment/savings (I believe that those are a discipline/mindset that have to be taught at a young age. You get into a good habit of thinking towards the future and investing for it) Many people were never taught about the value of this, much less how to do it. The world is made up of people of varying intelliegences and some cannot comprehend the complexity of the financial system…so, they don’t participate or predatory people exploit them and they lose everything because they cannot protect themselves against these shrewd criminals. We need government programs/regulation to help/protect those people.

    When I have this argument with others, I get…if they are too dumb to take care of themselves, that is their problem. What would we do with all of the poor people? Or the people who are swindled out of all of their life savings? Or the people who lost it becasue they didn’t understand how the investment market worked? Would we let them die in the streets? Would we ship them off to some poor people’s island where those of us who were smart enough to get it wouldn’t have to look at them? Sounds like the worst kind of elitism to me.

  3. Jim Ostrowski October 4, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    Under your system, the “scumbags” just pulled off the biggest armed robbery in human history, the billionaire bailout.

    I hope you’re not insulted if I say that you really need to study up on libertarianism. It would make more sense to you.

    You are mixing up the natural tendency of government to grow with the inevitability of that process. However, as government grows, huge problems are created that cannot be solved by further growth. Eventually, the system collapses. It will collapse sooner if it starts out big like the Bolsheviks did.

    The choice is ours. We can recognize that big government doesn’t work and make the change. Or, we can sit back and allow the process of decline to continue. That’s basically the Free Buffalo challenge. So far, the people of WNY say, let the decline continue.

    On the old canard about the poor, see this link.

    Libertarianism is and throughout history was the best friend the poor ever had. If the bailout proves anything it’s this: politics is a rich man’s sport. Just ask Bob Wilmers.

  4. WNYPMH October 4, 2008 at 12:00 pm #

    “politics is a rich man’s sport”

    On this we agree. We just saw first hand what money can do…ala Jon Powers a decent man and candidate is slammed by shear money, and Alice, the lesser candidate wins. I know you aren’t a Democrat, so no response required.

    Also, I don’t take insult at anything when it is said in the spirit of conversation. I’ll look at Libertarianism more closely and see what I think.

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