Responsible New York – Two Ads

13 Oct

I saw two ads this week put out by Responsible New York. One was for Kathy Konst, and the other was for Joe Mesi. Both ads were almost identical – Tom Golisano, sitting in a posh office, looking into the camera and earnestly explaining why Kathy/Joe is being endorsed by RNY, and asking you to vote for them. This is the first time RNY has actually used its founder and benefactor to do an ad, having relied during the primaries on mass mailings, negative ads, and oft-dirty tricks.

Golisano may or may not have political aspirations of his own, but I think there are two purposes being served by these pretty classy and earnest advertisements. First, obviously Golisano wants to promote RNY-endorsed candidates. Secondly, perhaps the notion got to Golisano that his own reputation as a straight-talking change agent was vulnerable in the wake of the ugliness of the primary campaign season – the Hoyt/Kavanaugh race in particular.

As a side note, I half-listened to the Volker/Konst debate on Hardwick’s show on Sunday, (I was at work), but thought that they both came off as rather shrill. I was struck by the fact that they both appeared by phone – were they both opposed to meeting the other in person? The phone debate simply sounded lame, although Hardwick did his best to keep it moving and relevant. Volker’s upstate/downstate victimhood grew tiresome almost instantly, and he didn’t do anything to change the fact that he is a walking, talking advertisement for term limits. Konst has a very tough row to hoe in this race, and they’ve thrown the figurative kitchen sink at her.

Next Sunday is the Mesi-Ranzenhofer debate, which reminds me of this just a short year ago.

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