Powers on Service

20 Oct

First off, I’d like to say “stop it” to any Democrat in the 26th District who is reluctant to vote for Alice Kryzan due to some resentment or anger he or she harbors towards Kryzan for anything she did or said during the primary. She won. She’s better than Lee. Enough.

Secondly, there has been much back and forth about Jon Powers’ commitment to this community, and he took the time to respond in comments thusly:

I appreciate your concern over my service to this community and would be happy to discuss it with you. Perhaps we could start with my working with my father as a child volunteering in soup kitchens, cooking hotdogs at the Clarence Day in the Park for nearly 20 years, working with groups doing roadside clean ups in my community, or my Eagle Scout project for battered women shelters here in WNY.

Maybe you’d also like to discuss when I joined ROTC so I could serve this nation both at peace and at war, which included nearly a year and a half in Iraq securing a 50,000 person sector in Baghdad. There’s also the program I worked for while I was substitute teaching, which helped developmentally disabled college students who needed extra tutoring while studying in local colleges.

Sure, I left the area to join the service when I was stationed in Germany and Iraq, but continually wrote to schools here in Clarence when deployed in Iraq and worked with folks at home who sent over 5000 pairs of shoes we delivered to children in Baghdad. You may mock my War Kids Relief efforts, but that would show ignorance in listening to certain opponents attack ads and not the real story or the facts.

Our family has worked and served this community proudly for a long time. I just did not feel it appropriate to discuss this on the campaign trail as I attempted to focus on the community and the problems and solutions that this area and nation need.

I have moved to Washington, DC to work with campaigns all across this nation to help them develop their Veterans Outreach. This is a position I would not be able to obtain while remaining in Buffalo, where I was born and raised and proudly call my home. I will be able to make an impact not only in WNY, but in communities just like WNY all across the nation. I believe this is an incredibly important election year and want to make sure we can bring the real change necessary to get this nation back on track. That is why I am making the sacrifice to move away from my home and family to make a difference, while still working with family to help make an impact at home.

I am sorry you feel the way you do, but perhaps you can get out there and change things in your community instead of mocking those who try. In the words of Robert Kennedy, “we all struggle to transcend the cruelties and the follies of mankind. That struggle will not be won by standing aloof and pointing a finger; it will be won by action, by men who commit their every resource of mind and body to the education and improvement and help of their fellow man.”

If you would like to talk more, please forward your number to Pundit and I would be happy to discuss this in further detail.


Jon Powers

Just wanted to point it out because it happened late on Friday.

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  1. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 9:53 am #

    I can be as reluctant as I want with my vote – it’s my vote, not yours.

    I think people should be reluctant, they should think long and hard about who they vote for and why they’re voting for that person.

    I’m sorry BP – I don’t just vote the straight party line. I’ll vote for an Independent if they’re better, or a Republican if they are better… or a Working Family Party candidate if they’re better.

    People should second guess Kryzan… they should second guess Lee too. Just because I have doubts on Kryzan doesn’t mean I’m pulling the trigger for Lee.

    I have to say BP, this is one of the first times I greatly disagree with you. I’m shocked you’d be the type of person to say “just vote for the person who won the primary”

  2. Buffalopundit October 20, 2008 at 9:59 am #

    Where did I say “vote straight party line”? Lee’s got the IP line and the Conservative and the Republican. Kryzan has Dem and will have WFP. Lee sucks. Kryzan believes in – broad strokes – the same things that Powers advocated for, and he’s endorsed her. I’m not saying vote for her because she won the primary. I’m saying vote for her because she’s better than Chris Lee.

  3. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 10:32 am #

    If I see Powers on the WFP line on Nov. 4th, that’s where my vote is going. If he’s not on the line then I am undecided at this point. I don’t like Alice. I don’t care if she’s a Dem. I don’t like Lee’s policies. He’s a dud, but at least he hasn’t started throwing terribly nasty personal attacks yet. Maybe I’ll leave the congressional line blank if Powers isn’t on the Working Fams line.

  4. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 10:36 am #

    Other than Obama, all I care about up in Niagara County, where I’m registered to vote, is seeing Jim Voutour elected Sheriff!!

  5. scott rytlewski October 20, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    well i must say you should be ashamed of your self!!!! not to called sally or emailed her or nothing she worked her ass off for you what other county chair from the ruals call the larger countys chairs weekly to support you. who took you to rochester when you where a unknown? she was as loyal to you, all the way! if you would of took some of here advice and not gerkens you would be running for congress right now, and im quite sure half of here calls where not even foward to you, so good luck on your new job.


  6. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 10:48 am #

    Chill out Scott.

  7. Russell October 20, 2008 at 1:08 pm #

    BP, thanks for bringing this to my attention and anyone else who may have missed it. I did not mean Jonny any offense and I really don’t see any reason that we would need to discuss this one-on-one or over the phone, but if it’s that important to Jonny, you can offer him my email address.

    What I posted was only in response to another poster stating that Jonny had a solid record of service to this community. After Jonny’s response, I still don’t see it. I’m not discounting his service to our country, but I made it clear I was not talking about that. As far as service to WNY, other than being dragged around by his father and one project to get an award, I still do not see much. I’m not usually one to critique a private citizen’s commitment to the community, but since this was about someone using his record to run for public office, at the federal level, he opened it up to review and critique. Usually, one would think that would require a high level of commitment to the community. Furthermore, many posters on here continually sold Jonny and his service to our community as great, above all of us, beyond criticism and painted Jonny as one of our region’s greatest citizens. Again, I do not see that in what Jonny listed and I doubt Jonny would say that about himself.

    I commend Jonny for his service to our nation and his commitment to veterans and veteran causes. However, I still wonder what in all of this made him think he was qualified to run for Congress. There are thousands of servicemen and women who have valiantly served this country. Very few of them have used that as an excuse to run for office, even while many have served extraordinarily valiantly. Even General Wes Clark told us that’s not enough to run for office. This is not up to me, though, the jury has already renederd its decision on this. I do not need a one-on-one discussion because it wasn’t just about my views. It seems many people around WNY agreed with my opinion on this and said about as much in the primary election. Even if you don’t think that’s so, I still don’t understand why my opinion that Jonny’s service to WNY is less than extraordinary would matter so much to Jonny. If it does, though, like I said, I’m open to discussing it further with him.

  8. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 1:21 pm #

    You are unreal, Russell. Candidates you support must be angels sent by God from the heavens. This country is fucked up. When a guy serves his country, helps out in his community for years and decides he wants to go futher by promoting his vision for the area by representing us in Congress, people belittle him and drag him down. Unreal. My god Russell, what exactly is your strict definition of qualifications to run for office?

    I doubt your opinion matters that much to “Jonny”, Russell. It’s your overall, broad attitude on the matter that is really quite pathetic and alarming.

  9. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 1:23 pm #

    Another thing – it’s because of people like you that politicians are so fucked up these days. Good people don’t want to run for office because of opinions like yours. Thats why we have to deal with these bums and crooks.

  10. Russell October 20, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Perhaps if we had higher standards for our politicians we’d get better people to run for office. I doubt expecting a demonstrable, high level of commitment to the community prevents good people from running. Sounds counter-intuitive to me.

    And I don’t think I’m belittling or dragging him down. I simply asked people that said he’s done a ton for our community to tell me what he’s actually done. No one ever did ’til he came on here and listed things. That’s good that he listed things, but I do not see it as a ton and doubt anyone would.

    I’m not saying anyone I’ve supported is sent from G-d and I think it’s a sad statement on current affairs if that’s what you’re getting from what I’ve said. I have had to lower my standards for some of the people I’ve voted for, just as most of you have, but when I’m motivated to actually support a candidate in a larger way it is precisely because I feel he or she is devoutly committed to our community. There have been plenty of those candidates on both sides of the aisle. I do not get why it’s so terrible to say I do not think Jonny was one of those.

  11. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 1:43 pm #

    It’s not “terrible” to say. Your tone now is much more sane than the crap you spewed a few days ago. I still disagree with you though regarding “Jonny” but to each his own.

  12. Russell October 20, 2008 at 1:51 pm #

    Wizard, my tone wouldn’t have been so insane if the statements of others building Jonny up for months on here hadn’t reached such an insane level, but I’m glad we’ve at least come to an understanding.

  13. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 3:03 pm #

    Russell’s tone isn’t insane… he is. We do have high standards for politicians, but their opponents blow small things so out of wack that it makes them seem evil.

    If McCain has his way, you’d think Obama is a complete terrorist trying to blow up the Pentagon – because he once served on a charity board with Ayers who was a radical when Obama was 8 years old.

    Russell’s just a complete jack ass and too much of a pussy to confront people in person.

  14. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 3:06 pm #

    BP- in response to your response to my response (yes I typed that last sentence because it sounds funny)… you may think Kryzan is better than Lee… but I honestly do have my doubts. I don’t agree with Lee’s views, but feel as if he’d help reach a bi-partisan agreement on most issues. Kryzan has shown her blatent hatred for Republicans, and that’s what wrong with this country. Too many people say – Republicans suck, or Democrats suck, so I won’t listen to their side of the story!

    That’s just a stubborn way to look at things. Does Russell’s opinions suck? Yes, but I’ll still read what he has to say, even if he is a pussy about it. I don’t agree with him, but I’ll always listen. I don’t feel that Kryzan would even just listen.

  15. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 3:06 pm #

    & yes Wizard – vote for Powers on the WFP.

    My neighbor just got an absentee ballot and guess who’s still on there!!

  16. Denizen October 20, 2008 at 3:37 pm #

    Instant-Runoff voting might bring a bit of sanity to this particular race considering Powers is on the ballot under the WFP ticket.

  17. WNYPMH October 20, 2008 at 6:03 pm #

    @Russell – Two questions.
    1. What do you believe the qualifications for running for Congess are? I still think that the only job qualification is citizenship and living in the district on election day. I would also add desire to do the job to the list.
    2. What would Powers have had to do for the community for you to accept that his level of commitment to service is higher than most people?

    I won’t insult you for your opinions, as I said in the past. This is America and your opinions are yours and you are free to say them. I do take exception to the personal attacks on the guy, and although others might say your tone is more sane, I still find it super rude that you insist on calling him Jonny, when you know as well as all of this that it is done out of complete disrespect.

  18. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 6:08 pm #

    WNYPMH – Russell is clearly fucked in the head. We will just have to agree to disagree with him.

  19. Mike In WNY October 20, 2008 at 6:12 pm #

    Still no explanation why it took 38 days for the endorsement.

  20. The Wizard October 20, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Mike – here’s an explanation: because it took 38 days.

  21. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 9:52 pm #

    Mike, how come it took you 32 years to be a dickbag?

  22. Robert Harding October 20, 2008 at 10:25 pm #


    As a Democrat from Orleans County, I know how much your mom worked (or didn’t work) for Jon Powers. The trouble getting Orleans for Powers organized certainly stands out in my mind. How many phone banks did we have for Powers? How many canvasses did we have for Powers? I’ll let the crickets answer those questions for me.

    John Gerken gets a lot of BS thrown his way. Could Gerken have done something different? Sure. But hindsight is 20-20. It wasn’t Gerken’s fault Jon lost. Jack Davis was the one that ran negative ads, not John Gerken.

    Let’s compare John Gerken and Sally for a minute Scott. John Gerken has run Jack Davis’ campaign and the campaign for Jon Powers. Sally has run the campaigns for, most notably, Mike Hadick. I would rather lose and keep my dignity than win and lose my respect.

  23. wizards cousin mizard October 20, 2008 at 11:34 pm #

    That’s alright when Scott R. lost his bid for the chair of the seat he didn’t call anyone to thank them.

    He’s a bitter little guy, it happens.

  24. Ghost of Ellis October 21, 2008 at 12:31 am #

    I think this old phrase sums up Jon’s run for Congress. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

  25. Russell October 21, 2008 at 8:17 am #

    WNYPMH, yes, the most basic qualifications to run for Congress are US citizenship, living in the district at some appointed time, and having reached age 25 or 30 depending on the office you’re seeking. But is that all we should expect from someone? We have higher standards than just meeting the minimum qualifications set out in the Constitution. I think along with that someone should have a demonstrable level of success in his/her life, a strong commitment to the community and a firm grasp of the issues and how they affect the constituents of that district. I think most people vote based on these criteria giving more weight to some over others. Some people may have a different set of criteria, but I think these general points are pretty common.

    A Member of Congress represents over 600,000 in our federal government. We should see that person as one of our best. Someone worthy of representing us. Therefore, he/she should be distinguished beyond the average 600,000+ in the district. A strong commitment to the community would include, but is not limited to, among other things a strong record of volunteer work, involvement in local charities or service organizations and support for the cultural and educational institutions of our area. Many candidates present their records on these commitments in their first advertisements introducing themselves to the voters at least in their first run.

    Again, I do not see why it would be a problem to expect a candidate for high office who wants to represent our entire community to meet these standards.

    Finally, I do not understand why everyone is so concerned with my disrespect of Jonny simply for calling him “Jonny” while at the same time many of you insult me, slander me, call me far worse and even insult my family. If you haven’t uttered these offenses, you sure haven’t expressed your dislike for them. I never went after Jonny in anyway that someone else on here didn’t already put on the table. If people are going to post about what a great person he is and how he’s done so much for this community I cannot fathom why it is disrespectful for me to ask them to explain themselves.

    Jonny put himself out there when he decided to run for public office. He had to understand that his record would become a part of the public discourse and people would discuss whether they agreed or disagreed with him and whether or not they felt like he was worthy of that position. I’ve never put myself out there, but my record has been of more concern to so many people on here. I’ve been asked what my qualifications are to even critique Jonny. Last I checked on that, there were not any qualifications necessary to criticize a politician, but I’ve been held to a higher standard.

    Look, Jonny lost the election. For his support, time in the race and financial backing he had a terrible showing. Ask around. Talk to the people that voted in that election. I have no doubt that Jonny didn’t measure up to their standards. They are not terrible Americans for feeling that way and for expressing it.

  26. WNYPMH October 21, 2008 at 9:30 am #

    @ Russell.

    See, the truth is that you just don’t like the guy. By your own words, Jon Powers more than fits the bill, AND he certainly has as much if not more of the qualifications that you espouse than Jack Davis, Alice Kryzan and Chris Lee. Let’s go point by point.

    “a strong commitment to the community” and “among other things a strong record of volunteer work” – Jon has been active in his parish, the Boy Scouts, and his school. He has volunteered at soup kitchens, doing roadside cleanups and as a volunteer at community events like Clarence Day In The Park.

    “involvement in local charities or service organizations” – Jon did work with battered women’s shelters and while in the service helped organize an event that donated shoes to Iraqi children. I won’t even go into the War Kids Relief here, because in your ignorance of what it was and what it did, you listen to whack jobs like Hudson.

    “support for the cultural and educational institutions” – Jon is trained as a teacher. If that isn’t support for educational institutions, I don’t know what is. In addition to that, he tutored developmentally disabled college students. Recently, he came out to my school and spoke to both my Leadership Class and my Journalism classes regarding his time in Iraq and the role of the media during wartime. He was pretty busy at the time campaigning, and made a couple of hours in the day to spend with kids, who, by the way don’t primarily live in his district and are too young to vote. I am not sure how you support the culturals other than attend fundraisers or go to them. Jon is an avid theatergoer, so I think that starts as support of the culturals.

    As far as other qualifications you said –
    “a firm grasp of the issues and how they affect the constituents of that district”
    1. At the beginning of his campaign, Jon spent alot of time in the district talking to people. Here’s what came of that.
    A. Educational Roundtables – He held at least two different educational roundtables where MANY teachers came and engaged in constructive dialogue on what could be done to reprioritize education, reform “No Child Left Behind”, engage parents in the learning process.
    B. A plan to utilize all of the natural resources in WNY to create a new wave of Green Tech Jobs. Sound like campaign crap? Jon’s plan involved creating a cooperation between UB, UofR and RIT to work together with government, the manufacturing sector, and our strong agricultural base, along with our proximity to freshwater to build a region that would be attractive to alternative energy firms.
    C. With ties to the agricultural community (his family has a dairy farm) Jon looked at how the Immigration Issue would effect our local farmers. (Jack Davis said..put the inner city kids on busses and ship them to farms)

    That’s just three. There’s more.

    And yes, I take exception to you calling him Jonny, because it is done for no reason other to disrespect and belittle someone. We call you names because A. You ask for it, and B. You return it. Powers did neither, and quite frankly, it shows how petty you are.

    Jon did run for office. He did understand that his record would be questioned, and he was OK with that. But when obviously meanspirited and ignorant people like you and Hudson and Jack Davis tear him down to make yourselves feel intelligent, it shows what kind of people you are. Powers meets or beats all of your qualifications above, so for Christ’s sake….shut the hell up.

  27. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 10:02 am #

    WNYPMH is a true wordsmith.

  28. The Humanist October 21, 2008 at 10:18 am #

    @Russell – YOU GOT KNOCKED DA FUCK OUT!!!!

  29. Russell October 21, 2008 at 10:25 am #

    That’s fine if you believe he meets those criteria, but I really don’t think he does. By his own admittance, most of the things he volunteered for were family commitments his father made. There is very little he did on his own, other than his Eagle Scout project and in my opinion that’s not solely motivated by service. Furthermore, I do not see any of that you listed as above and beyond what the average person in our area does.

    Just because he’s trained as a teacher does not mean he’s supported the cultural and educational institutions of our community, but nice try.

    And I still don’t get this whole debate on War Kids. You folks still say that my view of it is only based on ignorance and listening to the wrong people. Even Jonny said that. Is there some secret society I have to belong to in order to finally hear the “truth” on this? People have posted the IRS forms on here. Regardless of the debate on how much salary Jonny took, it is clear that the program was an abject failure coming nowhere near its stated goals. (As an aside, I do find it interesting that Jonny can raise well over $1 million in a year to help his own cause of running for Congress but in 2 years he cannot raise anywhere near that sum for thousands of kids in Iraq, but that’s not the issue right now.) I’m sick of the lame response that I don’t know the truth. Perception is reality. What’s out there about War Kids is out there and nothing has countered it. Whether it’s the truth or not in Jonny’s mind doesn’t matter. It was the reality in the voters’ minds. Perhaps he should have done more to educate them on this and get the word out there. If what you’re saying is true, Jonny lost in a battle of wits to Mike Hudson. That’s something to be proud of.

    I really don’t think Jonny has been more dedicated to the community than Alice and probably not more than Chris Lee either, but that doesn’t matter now either. I said before I wasn’t talking about him relative to others, just what he did standing on its own. Besides, all of this is a moot point. The voters have spoken and Jonny did not measure up to their standards. It’s not just about me. Thousands of people said just as much at the polling booth.

    If Jonny did do tremendous things for our community and is half as great as people on here claimed he was then his campaign has to be one of the greatest failures of all time.

    And as far as the name calling, Jonny knew what he was getting into when he entered the political ring. Calling him Jonny is very, very tame compared to what most politicians go through, even on this website. Like it or not, that’s a political fact of life and everyone on here participates in it. He may not have returned it personally, but he had plenty of people on here acting on his behalf returning it and even starting it. As I pointed out, anything I’ve said was only in response to what others posted. And I have never returned anything near the level of what has been thrown against me.

  30. Russell October 21, 2008 at 10:29 am #

    Humanist, Jonny got knocked out by the voters. I’m just pointing out why. You folks may not like what I’m saying, but he lost because he brought very little to the table. You’ll just have to try to get on with your lives after your hero has skipped town with his tail between his legs. He’s on to bigger and better things so you should try to move on.

  31. Byron October 21, 2008 at 10:36 am #

    “I don’t think I’m belittling or dragging him down.” ~ Russell, yesterday.

    “[Powers] skipped town with his tail between his legs.” – Russell, today.


  32. WNYPMH October 21, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    @ Russell

    “most of the things he volunteered for were family commitments his father made. There is very little he did on his own” – As a father of a teenager I find community service to be enormously important. When my son was younger, I dragged him to things. Now he just comes along, because he believes in it, and he enjoys working for a good cause and he enjoys being with me. He is 15. Powers is 30. Just because his father is involved in the organization does not discount Powers service.

    “Furthermore, I do not see any of that you listed as above and beyond what the average person in our area does” – I work at a high school that requires community service on all grade levels and it is like pulling teeth to get service done by many of the kids and many of the parents don’t support it either, or the kids would get it done. I live in a nieghborhood where most of my nieghbors can’t be bothered with community service. Having as much CONTINUED service as Jon does is well above the AVERAGE.

    WKR was only a failure in the eyes of the detractors like you and Hudson, who have framed it with YOUR measure of success. The project was not a fundraising organization, it was programatic. The programs were good enough that the leadership in the Marine Corp felt that WKR should be briefing their on the ground commanders on youth counterterrorism . Certainly I value the opinion of Marine Corp more than a poor arm chair quarterback like yourself.

    “If Jonny did do tremendous things for our community and is half as great as people on here claimed he was then his campaign has to be one of the greatest failures of all time.” – Jon Powers is a great man. There is no doubt in my mind. WKR was not a failure, as it brought awareness to a serious issue, that by the way, both of my cousins who have served on the ground in Iraq have agreed that it is a HUGE problem for our soldiers. Jon’s first campaign may not have turned out the way we had hoped, however, I find it way short of a total failure. Jon’s young and has learned alot and developed a great network of people. Whether he chooses to use that in another run for office or for other things, I am sure that both he and WNY benefitted from it.

    A translation of what you were saying is this – I do not like Jon Powers and no matter what anyone says, I will not like Jon Powers. Even when presented with facts, I will dispute them to the end, because I do not like Jon Powers. In order to prove to everyone that I do not like Jon Powers I will belittle him every chance I get. ….Geez, I wish I had the balls and the charisma to run for national office.

    Russy… If you would just come out and say that you don’t like him, instead of trying to convince everyone except Hudson that he is a bad guy, most of us would respect your right to free speech. There are plenty of people in this world that I just don’t like. Got no good reason. I just don’t, but I don’t try to tear them down and belittle them. Like I have said over and over…..values that my parents instilled. (by making me do community service amongst other things)

  33. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 11:55 am #

    Buffalo Pundit is Powers Country, Russy. Fuckin deal with it.

  34. Russell October 21, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    That’s exactly the problem, Wizard. He lost but you guys can’t get over it. Maybe he could be mayor of Punditville, but the rest of the voters didn’t want him representing them. You guys need to deal with the fact that he lost.

    WNYPMH, I have no personal feelings one way or another about Jonny. All I’m saying is he was a terrible candidate for Congress. He had some credentials as a vet, but that was it. He had not distinguished himself in any real way. Whether he volunteers more than highschoolers or it should count that he did things as a kid because his father made him does not change my opinion of him as a candidate. I don’t care one way or another about him personally. All of this is just about him politically.

    Go ahead, you keep telling yourself it’s just my measure of success. I was told on here before that Hudson and I were the only ones that cared about all of that and that’s why Jonny and his campaign chose not to respond to the charges. We see how well that worked out for him. I’m pretty sure it showed that I’m not alone in my measure of success and my view of the program and his role in it.

    And again, if War Kids is such a huge success and Jonny is such a great guy and everything else he’s ever done is so incredible, then his campaign was a bigger failure than anyone thought. Remember, he lost.

  35. WNYPMH October 21, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    “I have no personal feelings one way or another”….”All I’m saying is he was a terrible candidate for Congress”…Yeah, doesn’t sound personal to me. And, if it was just political, you could refrain from being insulting and belittling, which makes IT personal and YOU very, very small.

    Overall, by your own qualifications AND THOSE LISTED IN THE CONSTITUTION, he was a fine candidate for Congress. The best candidate doesn’t always win…as evidenced by the past 8 years.

    And, when I am looking for a candidate right now, I am looking for someone who doesn’t represent the establishment. That’s what’s broken. Our government sucks badly. I teach Leadership for a living, and sometimes the best leaders are the young or less experienced who can look it things through a different lens. Some of our best presidents/leaders had the least experience and some of our worst had the most experience.

  36. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 12:48 pm #

    We know he lost, Russy. But we are still fans. Thanks!! and good luck, Russy Poo.

  37. The Humanist October 21, 2008 at 1:23 pm #

    Shorter Russell: “Why can’t I come on an obviously pro-Powers blog and insult and demean Jon Powers without being called on it?”

    At this point, Russy-Poo, you’re just talking to the wall. Yeah, we get it…you neither like nor respect Jon Powers. Bully for you.

  38. Russell October 21, 2008 at 1:58 pm #

    I’ve never heard of a wall responding so much to anything someone’s said or done, Humanist.

    Why are you a fan, Wizard, and what does that matter? Do you fly down to DC each week and tell his superiors at his new job what a great guy he is and what a great job he’s doing? I’m sure he appreciates that he has a fan club, but what good does it do him, any of you, or anyone else for that matter?

    WNYPMH, the qualifications listed in the Constitution do not make value judgments. I don’t understand why you keep acting as if they do. No one ever posited that Jonny didn’t meet the minimums set forth in the Constitution. Somewhere around 67% of the US population meet those criteria. Only about 0.0004% of the population actually runs for the position. There’s a huge gap between 67% and 0.0004%. Some of the filters to get from the larger number to the very small number are value judgments. I do not feel Jonny is among the top 0.0004% this country or community has to offer. No one on here has presented much to change my mind. Even after a $1 million ad campaign to convince them otherwise, I have the voters of the 26th District of NY to back me up.

    Sure, sometimes the best leader can be a fresh face, but he has to prove himself worthy of leadership before it’s just handed to him. Jonny did not do that.

    The best candidate does not always win. Usually that’s due to money or organization or backing of the establishment. However, Jonny had the advantage in all of those areas, too. All the more reason why his campaign, which reflects on his leadership, must be considered one of the most collossal failures of all time.

    Are you implying that Jonny didn’t represent the establishment? A candidate whose main backing came from DC and NYC was not an establishment candidate? Over 80% of his support came from party leaders, party insiders, PACs and other power brokers outside his district, but he’s not part of the establishment? How does that work out in your head?

  39. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 2:03 pm #

    Question for Drunk Hudson:

    Why is it that Hanchette and Gallagher, the only two respectable reporters at the NF Reporter, are no where to be found in the latest issue? Is it because you are in bed with Steve Pigeon and Responsible NY and Hanch and Gallagher have decency? Yes it is. You fucking crook. This is absolute proof that Hudson is a crook and a liar. I know Hanchette fairly well. This is confirmed. BP – please investigate. Plus the hard-copy of the Reporter has a huge, full back cover “ad” from Responsible NY. Hudson is Pigeon’s hitman and recieves a hefty paycheck for it. What’s your excuse Hudson? You piece of shit.

  40. WNYPMH October 21, 2008 at 5:30 pm #


    1. The qualifications listed in the Constitution are the qualifications for the job, same as in the help wanted classifieds. Any one who has those qualifications is able to apply for the position. Thus, Jon Powers is qualified for the job.

    2. Qualifications don’t make value judgements, true, but Jon Powers has made plenty. He chose to do the continued community service throughout his life that you are belittling. He chose to serve in our Army. He recognized a serious problem in the Iraq war effort and he chose to bring awareness to it and try to solve it. By many people’s judgement, those are all admirable value judgements. To your mean spirited, small mind, apparently they aren’t good enough.

    3. NO ONE EVER IMPLIED that Jon Powers was in the top .0004% of the country or the WNY community. Your ridiculous math, not ours.

    4. You have the voters of the 26th District to back you up? There is approximately 130,000 registered Dems in the 26th. A total of 11420 voted. So, if they all voted for Alice you would have 8.7% of the voters of 26th. And since the difference between Alice and JP was 1712 voters, you actually have 1.3% of the voters in the 26th. I know, Russy, it only takes 1 vote. Overall, voters are lazy. They would rather watch Family Guy than study the issues and see what the truth is. Jack Davis didn’t run a campaign to get elected, he ran an egomaniacal slash and burn against Jon Powers, and the lazy voters who make their decisions based on a 30 second political spot believed the lies he spit out. Same crap with Bush and Kerry.

    5. Sometimes the best leaders are the fresh faces who have leadership thrust upon them, whether they like it or not. Sometimes the best leaders are the ones who simply stand up and say, “OK, I’ll give it a shot”. Leadership is completely situational. People who can lead a public school where there is no money worries, can’t function in a private school where budgets are tight. Truth is management has to be proven…leadership often just shows up. You personally have no idea at all what kind of leader Powers would be. The 40 career military guys who he was put in charge of, however, might have a better idea and they came out for him.

    6. Jon Powers DID NOT have the advantage in money and possibly organization. Jack Davis had clear advantage in money, and he bought alot of people to work for him. Powers used his money as frugally as he could, keeping the staff small and saving the money for big push leading up to the primary. Jack also had the clear advantage in name recognition, having run in the two previous election cycles. He built that by mailing 9 pieces by like July 4.

    7. You keep tossing around words like “collosal failures”, which again are very personal and very insulting. And there is no doubt that you are not doing it to make your feeble point, but to be insulting. Politics is politics. I can assure you that there are way more crucial and collosal failures than this. Your parents probably know that feeling well. Lincoln ran like 6 or 8 times before he won anything. He was probably a terrible president though. Untested leadership. Probably a schmuck.

    8. The cost of running a Congressional campaign is ridiculous. And the cost of running against a self-funding multimillionaire with no care for how much he spends or how despicable his tactics are is even more astronomical. Western New York simply can’t afford to support it. I have no problem with money coming from out of district. You can’t get a chance to show your leadership stuff if you don’t get in the game. By your “rules” only rich Western New Yorkers would be allowed to represent us. Quite honestly, Jack Davis and Alice Kryzan and Chris Lee have no idea what I am going through every day. Do you think they know what it’s like to struggles to make ends meet or to watch their savings eaten up? Nope. Chris Lee is just doing it because he has nothig else to do. Made his millions and now he needs a new hobby. Another millionaire who is out of touch with the working people? Great idea. They have shown such a good record of helping us out so far. Unless they are self-funded, candidates are going to have to take money from PACs and from out of district.

    Come on, Russy, just admit that you don’t like the guy personally. Stop trying to hide behind bullshit. It’s OK. He’s better looking than you, or he ended up with the girl you wanted in high school. Did he score a goal on you in under 14 travel soccer? Because it has to be something like that. He was by far the best candidate. He was good enough that even the pathetic GOP in Erie County had to try and get involved in a Democratic primary, because they knew that he would give their wet rag candidate a run. Powers lost because Davis threw over a million bucks at nothing but smearing him, and the lazy voters bought it. I am happy that at least they sent that ridiculous old man packing too. Powers lost because he had to spend his days raising money…alot of money for a relatively unknown guy. Powers lost because it got so dirty that voters tied him to that too. The voters didn’t get to see what kind of man Powers really was through all the shit.

    Alice won because she had ONE good ad that made people smile for a minute. It was a negative ad in disguise, but the voters smiled, so they felt it was positive. Good for her media firm. They earned their money. Doesn’t make Alice a great candidate or Powers a bad one.

    I imagine we’ll see Powers again someday and you and Splatt and Hudson can start your hateful circle jerk all over again. Without Jack and his millions of hatefilled dollars, it might be a different story.

  41. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 5:59 pm #

    WNYPMH kicked the shit of you, Russy-Poo!

  42. The Wizard October 21, 2008 at 6:03 pm #

    I’m still waiting for Drunk Hudson to drag his half-dead liver back here and answer my questions. He’s pulling a fast one on WNY with his slander sheet and he must be stopped. Until he does, I will not purchase his new book – Diary of a Drunk.

  43. wizards cousin mizard October 22, 2008 at 1:01 am #

    i’m still interested that all those people who came down on Powers for not endorsing Alice immediately… aren’t cracking down on Alice for not even acknowledging the endorsement – nothing on her website, no email blast, nothing.

    So maybe it wasn’t Powers who delayed the endorsement, maybe Kryzan just didn’t care

  44. Russell October 22, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    WNYPMH, calling a campaign a failure or even a colossal failure is not a personal attack. It’s a critical review. The point that he was brought down by one single television commercial backs that up. Thanks for making that point.

    I did not say I have every registered Democrat in the 26th District to back me. I simply stated I have the voters. The voters are the ones that voted and the majority of them did not support Jonny.

    Jonny outspent Alice by about 2:1. He didn’t lose to Davis so your points about Davis are completely irrelevant to the discussion. Jonny also had the backing of the party, locally and nationally, which provides a whole lot of organization. There’s no doubt he had the better organization over Alice to. He lost to a less organized, less funded, candidate that was not back by the establishment. That was the point.

    Jonny didn’t have leadership thrust upon him. He went out and told people he was the leader they were looking for and they told him he wasn’t. Obviously Jonny wasn’t the great leader you keep trying to claim he is, at least not in this arena. He lost.

    Again, your point about the Constitution is ridiculous and irrelevant. You know people constantly have discussions about whether or not a person is qualified for the office they are seeking. Many Dems said it about Obama throughout the Primary and now many on the Left and in the media and even some Conservatives are saying it about Palin. Are you so sophomoric and narrow-minded that you can only imagine they must have been debating whether Palin or Obama were at least 30 and US citizens? I cannot find anywhere on here where you took exception to those discussions. The qualifications of a candidate are a legitimate debate. It goes on all the time at just about every level. This is not a debate I invented and it’s not unique to Jonny.

    What you seem to forget or ignore in all of this is that everything I’ve posted about Jonny was merely in response to what others posted. Like I said before, someone would say Jonny’s done a lot for this community, or more than I have, or more than anyone else and I’ve simply asked them to back that up. Yes, perhaps he’s done some volunteering and has served this community in some ways. However, they do not rise to the level of service that people on here claimed they did. Serving his parish and cooking hot dogs once a year does not make him one of our community’s greatest, as has been claimed and that was what I responded to. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything. I’m merely stating it does not rise to the levels of greatness folks claimed.

  45. WNYPMH October 22, 2008 at 9:29 am #

    1. Calling it a failure is a critical review. Calling it a colossal failure is meant to insult. Losing by 1700 votes is not a colossal failure. Even in terms of percentages, it wasn’t colossal.

    2. He wasn’t brought down by one ad. He was brought down be a terrible and well-funded attack of lies and half truths, orchestrated by a crazy, kamikaze millionaire who couldn’t care less about the Democratic Party as a whole. Without Jack Davis, Alice gets handed her ass.

    3. Jon didn’t outspend Alice against Alice, he tried to keep pace with Jack Davis. And, Alice didn’t win a head to head. She stepped in after the carnage, and did not even win a majority of the votes cast.

    4. My argument about the Constitution is not ridiculous OR irrelevent. Powers meets and exceeds the qualifications for the job. And, because I clearly recognize what you refuse to…that leadership is about the person, not about the past experiences. I concede that Obama does not have the experience that McCain has. I am going to vote for him anyway. He has the qualities that I believe will be able to repair our country’s severely damaged world image, which I think is paramount to putting America back on solid footing. The fact that Alice Kryzan can’t seem to gain her footing against a No Show Chris Lee, supports my feelings that she will not be able to win. And, by the way, I am not voting for Palin, not because she lacks experience, but because everytime she opens her mouth she rambles like a ditzy beauty queen. When my wife called and said..”McCain picked a woman”…I was thrilled. Makes the election historic, regardless who wins. Then Sarah started to talk. Game over.

    Also, you refuse to acknowledge that Jon Powers has embarked on a lifetime based on service, to his country and to his community. Makes your argument sophomoric, as I/we have shown that he has shown a continued committment to community service. You discount it at every turn. I have never compared him to you or to the high school students. I simply pointed out that Jon does community service and has for all of his life. You say it’s not enough. I say, any community service is good service and the fact that he continues to do it to this day, shows what he is made of, and the fact that you continue to discount it shows what you are made of.

    Yes, experience is fair game. Not arguing that. What I am arguing is that YOU refuse to acknowledge any of Jon’s experiences as valuable, and in the true Swift Boat fashion, you have turned good and noble things into bad things. Again, shows what you are made of, not Jon Powers.

    5. I neither forget nor ignore that you are posting in response to others. As a matter fact, what is most irritating is that you walk into a place that is Pro Powers and you insult, belittle and refuse to recognize that he has any redeeming qualities at all. I maintain, as I am sure that many in this blog do that Jon Powers is a role model. And, he has come to my school and spoken to two of my classes and helped them with ideas on two separate community service projects. Probably doesn’t count though, because they chose to do the project for a class, right? You respond negatively to someone’s praise of a guy we support and you expect us all to shut up about it. Again, shows what you are made of, not Jon Powers.

    At the end of the day, Russy, it is you that is the failure. You want us to shut up about Powers , then you shut up. I am going to keep defending him, not because I am some cultist, but because he has done good things and doesn’t deserve to be talked down upon by shitbags like you, who can’t find ANY good in a good man’s bio. I love politics, but I don’t love this side of it. It is nasty, and so are you.

  46. Russell October 22, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    I never said there was not anything good about Jonny. I thought I’ve made that clear. I applaud his service to our country and thank him for that. I even said some time ago, in a discussion with BP, that in that context he’s done far more than BP or I will ever do. You read my posts only to look for ways to attack me, not to actually comprehend what I’ve written.

    I’ll try and make it clear to you one more time. Try to keep up. What I’m saying is not that Jonny did not do good things, not that he did not serve his country and not that he has not done anything for his community. I’m simply saying that his service to the community (not country) does not measure up to the levels that many people professed on here.

    I have not told anyone to shut up. I have not even implied that. All I’ve been saying is that people need to keep things in check. I throw in a little dose of reality when the hyperbole hits a fever pitch. Some people on here speak so highly of Jonny that you have to wonder if the Vatican is just waiting for him to die so they can declare him a saint.

    It always seemed like this was an open forum. Yes, BP has some clear views and biases, but I thought everything was open to discussion. So what if this forum is pro-Jonny? Does it upset your sensibilities so much that you can’t even tolerate a person questioning his credentials? (And again, I should point out, I’ve only questioned the credentials others have presented.) I’ve never seen anything to suggest that only pro-Jonny posters were allowed to comment on this site.

  47. Byron October 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm #

    Anyone ever seen that video of the deer trapped on the ice?

  48. WNYPMH October 22, 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    I feel like it’s Groundhog Day.

  49. JLBravo October 23, 2008 at 8:39 pm #

    Russy, Why do you insist that Powers was a terrible candidate for Congress? Because he’s not some lying, disreputable scumbag like the other candidates? Because he didn’t stoop to their level of bashing? In my book ANY service to the community is commendable– I didn’t know we held people up to standards on this. Jon Powers is freaking 30 years old– he’s got more class and respect than most people, nevertheless politicians out there. He is on to bigger and better things– YOU better get used to that. P.S. Jon never had the advantage over a senile millionaire or a limosuine liberal…. his campaign and those who worked for it were all hoping and believing in something better for the future of WNY and beyond.

    And to Mike– who the hell cares that it took Jon 38 days to endorse that idiot. He did because he’s a good guy and that’s all that matters. She doesn’t deserve his endorsement

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