How McCain Can Win

4 Nov

It would take a massive reversal of fortune and a comeback never before seen in American politics, but a McCain victory IS possible.  Here’s how I see it breaking down.

In this map, you’ll see that McCain has won each tossup state and even taken a state or two that is comfortably in Obama’s column.

Is it possible?  Sure, if you think every single poll taken in the last two months is flawed and believe there will be a massive Republican voter suppression effort underway in seven states.  Is it likely?  Not really.

McCain would have to reverse the trend in every single swing state and steal PA from Obama.

Also, I maintain that Obama is going to take Georgia which would essentially make it game, set and match.

Think McCain can do it?  Tell me why.

For more polling crack, head over to For a political nerd like me, it’s like porn.

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