Obama: Buffalo Blog Reax

5 Nov

The BuffaloBloodDonor:

The relative closeness of the popular vote indicates that this country still has a lot of healing to do. As much as I would like to believe that we are the United States – and not Red and Blue states – much needs to be done to heal the wounds of the past eight years.

Let the healing begin.

Tao of Paul:

To be honest, when I woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better about the future of my children.
But today I will be very interested to see the reaction not only on Wall Street, but the world markets as well.
I want to see how world leaders phrase the usual congratulatory remarks. Because in my opinion, we just gained a bit more credibility.

Buffalo Roots:

Now, Obama may not be the perfect president nor will I or anyone agree with everything he does; he is a human being, after all. But this country will be back on the right track when he is inaugurated, and I can’t wait.

Neither can Val, my Chicago born and initially bred wife, who wept tears of joy in my arms last night as we heard the continued good news at Erie County Democratic Headquarters.

Outrages & Insights:

My college-age daughter reminded me last night of a conversation I had with her one day long ago when we were waiting for the school bus — when she was in kindergarten. Bill Clinton had been elected president the night before and I told her it was an historic day in America.

I told her last night that this election was a whole lot more historic.

It’s not just because the nation elected its first black president. But because a whole lot of people like her and her brother look at the world differently, and what that means to the country as we move forward. Finally.

I was going to end this post with a Bob Dylan video — The Times They Are a Changing — but I think this one is more appropriate.

The kids are, indeed, all right.


This is something I have thought about as well…the build up for Obama has been tremendous…his campaign team put together one hell of a strategy to win…but now what? Will the transformative nature of the messages of ”Change” and “Yes we can” translate into a successful presidency that positively transforms the nation? For as much as I have critcized BO, I can’t help but hope it does.

Block Club Online:

A true leader makes his or her constituents FEEL better about themselves and their own strengths, whereas a leader looking for power simply tells us what he or she thinks you need to hear. Both candidates dabbled in each of these tactics; they are American politicians, after all. But one did a far more convincing job of making me, a registered voter, FEEL that my vote was going to go toward something monumental and bigger than myself. Bigger than the guy eventually elected, even.

It’s Marketing: 101, and it’s salesmanship disguised as politicking, but it’s big either way.


Unlike many conservatives, I’m a non-believer, but, to quote that famous atheist Ayn Rand, “God help us.” They’re the only three words in the English tongue that fit on a night like this.

All Things Jennifer

What a fantastic, exciting election this has been.

Clarence Grad:

I feel great hope for this country as 2008 closes out and we prepare to inaugurate Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. The future looks bright indeed!

Byzantium Shores:

I couldn’t possibly blockquote any one passage from what appears to be a complete brain dump by Kelly. Could I?

But Obama did something that hasn’t happened for this habitual Democrat in a long, long time: he inspired me. Obama made me feel as though something might be in the offing, something more than the typical jockeying for political advantage in Washington. Obama made me feel as though someone was running for President with an eye to doing big things again, a President who was running as a progressive, an actual (if not wild-eyed) liberal as opposed to running as a not-Republican. Most of all, Barack Obama made me feel as though we’d finally managed to break free of a seemingly endless cycle of elections in which we always seem to be saying, “A country of more than 250 million people and these are the candidates we got?”

Glad he’s back.

Brisket for Chucklehead

I hope that as Americans we will all support our new president when he is right, and hold his feet to the fire when he is left, errm wrong. I meant wrong. I hope that the right will refuse to sink to the childish level of the BusHitlerHalliburtonMcChimpy faction of the left. I hope that we will all remain focused on the issues that face us and the enormous tasks at hand.

I hope that President-Elect Obama keeps close to his heart the notion that we are a free people that consent to be governed, not a collection of rabble to mothered, smothered and dictated to.

Jim Ostrowski:

We gave the big government Republicans a monopoly on power and we got wars, pork and deficits.

Now the Dems have a monopoly on power, and, if they do what they say they intend to do, they will screw up as well.

Rus Thompson:

The Country has taken a Left Turn

Welcome to Liberal Paradise

We now have a Liberal Democrat controlled Presidency.
We now have a Liberal Democrat controlled Senate.
We now have a Liberal Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Just think, soon enough the country will start looking like New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, etc……High taxes, high crime rates, high everything including excessive pensions for civil service employees and union control. And just think when Obama takes over your union vote will have to be taken in the open where everyone will know exactly where you stand on the unions. What joy…

Mike in WNY

It is now up to Obama to prove me wrong – I’m not holding my breath. There has been virtually nothing that has come out of his mouth that makes me think he will make America a better place. I fear that he will prolong the recession, much like FDR’s New Deal prolonged the Great Depression by 7 years.

From the Left simply quotes some of Obama’s victory speech.

The Humanist:

Democrats around the nation owe a huge debt of gratitude and respect towards the DNC chairman, Gov. Howard Dean. His 50-state strategy, which was ridiculed when he assumed office three years ago, has paid off beautifully.

Last, but not least, the Buffalo Bean didn’t post any reaction to his blog about Obama’s win, but there is this:

From last night’s liveblog:

From Facebook:

13 Responses to “Obama: Buffalo Blog Reax”

  1. Dave A. November 5, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    Despite the electoral vote tally, Obama only received what… 52 percent of the popluar vote? That means that job one is trying to get the other 48% on board.

    The last thing Dems can afford to do after winning the hat trick is to pull a big ‘screw you’ to the Republicans, as repayment for the one they got in 2000. That would be a recipe for a Mitt Romney presidency in 2012.

    I’ve always felt that American democracy is a self-correcting process, and that voters will keep trying to pull government back to the center.

  2. Chris Smith November 6, 2008 at 12:13 am #

    That means that job one is trying to get the other 48% on board.

    I think it’s to do the right thing and hope the other 48% see the value in your convictions.

  3. Snarky Snarkmore McSnarkamaphone November 6, 2008 at 12:40 am #

    I think it’s to do the right thing and hope the other 48% see the value in your convictions.

    To play Devil’s advocate: isn’t that how Bush ran the show?

    To offer a partial answer: it’s not so much “doing the right thing” but rather, how you go about bringing the other 48% around to seeing the value in your convictions. You can ram it all the fuck through, a la Bush, or rather, you can strike up an intelligent conversation what not only tolerates, but expects, that rational positions might emerge from more than one side.

    Though I fully expect to disagree with Obama in many, many ways, I certainly welcome the return of discourse at all, and especially rational discourse, to politics. That is my greatest hope for his administration, rather than specific programs.

  4. Chris Smith November 6, 2008 at 1:14 am #

    Yes, it’s about discourse. You put it more eloquently than I did. Doing the right thing and having a national conversation about our choices is the right way to govern.

  5. STEEL November 6, 2008 at 1:30 am #

    That is pretty much what O said in his speech last night

  6. Wizard's cousin Mizard's cousin Gizard November 6, 2008 at 1:58 am #

    McCain only got 46 percent of the vote folks.

    Obama is offering a very much bi-partisan approach, he’s in a much better position to bring Republicans to the table and has clearly learned the lessons of the early Clinton administration when it comes to health care.

    BuffaloBean is a pathetic, know-nothing extremist who most likely wouldn’t be given the time of day by any major candidate if their clock was a face. I wouldn’t worry about far-right jackasses without anything better to do with their time than make wild innuendos.

    We can’t get rid of them though, who else would we make fun of?

  7. Tuco November 6, 2008 at 7:36 am #

    “Though I fully expect to disagree with Obama in many, many ways, I certainly welcome the return of discourse at all, and especially rational discourse, to politics. That is my greatest hope for his administration, rather than specific programs’

    VERY well said. Any regression of the soundbite politics that have dominated for the last few years will be a success.

  8. Russell November 6, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    Obama’s 52% is the best showing for any Democrat running for President since LBJ. In the context of recent elections, Obama’s numbers are quite large. In fact, since 1976 only George H.W. Bush and Reagan in his re-election received a higher percentage of the popular vote than Obama got Tuesday. He received a majority of the popular vote so he doesn’t have to worry so much about winning over more voters. He just has to hold onto the support he got. That will still be a challenge since he made great inroads into traditional Republican strongholds, but it’s not as challenging as trying to gain more support than he already has.

    And I also have to add that Buffalo Bean is pathetic. There was no need for that comment and there’s no basis for it whatsoever. Obama is our next president. Saying outrageous things like that is completely uncalled for and way out of line.

    Power shifts back and forth in this country on a very regular basis. I don’t agree with the Liberal agenda, but it won out this time around so now it’s their turn. Our nation is bigger than one person or one party. It’s bigger than both parties even. I don’t think it’s all going to crumble because the Democrats are in charge now. I don’t even think that knowing the more extreme wing of that party has control. I know the Republicans will get their at bats once again. I look forward to that day solely because I agree more with their philosophies, but I’m not going to villify or demonize anyone just because I didn’t support them. I know both sides have the best interests of our nation at heart, they just disagree on how to pursue those.

    Every presidential election is historic, but I agree this one had a little more to it. I think this one helped America bind some of its long festering wounds. I don’t think that as of November 5, 2008 everything is coming up roses for minorities in this country or that all is finally perfect in America. I don’t think that’ll be the case come January 20, 2009 either. But I do hope this can result in a giant leap forward for minorities. I hope it can help change how their viewed and how they view themselves, more closely in line with Dr. King’s dream of character over color.

  9. Jim Ostrowski November 6, 2008 at 9:51 am #

    Obama promised change in rhetoric and a return to Great Society policies (not much of a change). I missed the discourse part.

  10. Byron November 6, 2008 at 11:00 am #

    “I hope that the right will refuse to sink to the childish level of the BusHitlerHalliburtonMcChimpy faction of the left.”

    Yeah, I hope the right doesn’t do something like call Obama the next Hitler. Or a Socialist. Or claim that he “pals around with terrorists”. Because then the right would lose their moral superiority.


  11. ThereseJDanielsson November 10, 2008 at 10:33 pm #

    Not even a week after the president election the blond topblogger from Sweden, Linda Ekholm speaks out loud about Obama!
    And I really believe this is truly written by heart. Scary!



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