The Price of Palin

5 Nov

The conventional wisdom on the Presidential election seems to point to the economic meltdown as the point in the season when Obama broke away from McCain in the polls and established himself as the definitive frontrunner.  I couldn’t disagree more.

The point at which things fell apart for John McCain?  September 24th, the first night of the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric.

The rolling three day averages for McCain went into the shitter shortly after Palin was humiliated by the least serious network anchor in television history.  Getting intellectually pwned by Katie Couric is akin to getting your ass kicked by a drunken dwarf.  Palin killed the McCain camp in traditional conservative circles and did nothing but alienate independent voters and women.  McCain’s favorability ratings dwindled and then Tina Fey happened.  From that point on, the election was a fait accompli in my eyes.

Anyhow, it was obvious from jump street that this woman was woefully unqualified for national office.  Of course, McCain and the right wing media machine defended her and accused the critics of media elitism and cultural snobbery rather than admit she was unqualified.

They didn’t vet her, she was a hail mary selection meant to bump the numbers and she was a completely unserious pick.  As the post-election recriminations begin, we are finding out just how incredibly reckless, cynical and misguided her selection really was.

Her lack of readiness and tremendous negatives forced McCain towards the scorched earth campaign he launched in the final month due to her inability to right his faltering candidacy.

As Carl Cameron of Fox News eagerly reports (he’s so giddy to tell the story he uses the word “knowledgeability”), there were incredibly fundamental problems with Ms. Palin as a candidate.  Shep Smith responds with the requisite dignity.

Whereas Bill O’Reilly acts like a defensive tool when given the story.

Africa is a country?  Misunderstanding of basic civics?  Didn’t know what countries were in NAFTA?  Fucking hell.  The most troubling aspect of all of this is that the McCain looked America in the eye and said she was ready to be a hearbeat away from the Presidency.  Country First?

5 Responses to “The Price of Palin”

  1. S.S. McSnarkamaphone November 7, 2008 at 1:50 pm #

    Why do you hate dwarfs?

  2. Jim Ostrowski November 10, 2008 at 8:27 am #

    I disagree. The only time McCain led was after Palin.

    Then, he announced the economy was sound and badly mishandled the fiscal crisis caused by big government–he argued for more big government. That demoralized the base that had been energized by Palin and pissed off the libertarian swing vote, already lukewarm on McCain.

    This was McCain’s loss.

    The exit polls show little evidence that Palin hurt McCain. Those who hated Palin were hardcore Obama people anyway.

  3. Chris Smith November 11, 2008 at 10:39 pm #

    In the national Election Day exit poll, fully 60% of voters said they did not consider her qualified to serve as president if necessary, while only 38% thought she would be ready to step in. Those figures were daunting enough, but new calculations from the exit poll provided by the NBC News political unit show that outside of the Republican base skepticism about Palin’s credentials reached even more imposing heights. While 74% of Republicans thought Palin was qualified, just 35% of independents and 9% of Democrats agreed

  4. Jim Ostrowski November 12, 2008 at 9:27 pm #

    Among those for whom Palin was a factor, McCain won 56.6% of the vote.

    Excluding those for whom Palin was a minor factor, M won 51.6%.

    Among those who thought Palin was major factor, M lost but that loss constituted about one-third of one percent of the total vote.

    Palin energized the base, brought in some libertarians and paleos and pushed M into his only lead. M then lost it because of his total ignorance of economics and stupid failure to oppose the highly unpopular Wall Street bailout.

    The MSM crucified Palin mostly with a pack of lies. I can assure you that the whole ethics thing was a Goebbelsian pack of lies. And these clueless ones failed to notice that Biden didn’t know the constitutional duties of the vice-president but then chastised Plain for essentially correct view. Pathetic, scary stuff.

    I voted for Barr/Root by the way.


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